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Kim Tuyen’s sudden transformation


Kim Tuyen is known as an actress who is not afraid to play emotional scenes on the film. However, at the moment, she wants to be transformed into roles with a modern, strong and cheerful style instead of the sexy image in previous films.
Kim Tuyen is considered one of the “brave” overseas women of the Vietnamese screen when she bravely transforms in various roles, especially daring to commit to acting in love scenes.

Kim Tuyen once shared that she is not afraid to play hot scenes in the film because those are all important details that create the turning point of the film. Having accepted the role, she will devote all her heart to the character. And that’s why she accepts sacrifices for art. After a period of consecutive appearances on television, in the past 2 years, Kim Tuyen has acted in fewer films. She wants to take time to nurture her emotions as well as give herself a break after a long time busy with art. Kim Tuyen wants to play the role of a modern, strong and cheerful woman instead of the sexy image in previous films Recently, the actress returned to the TV series “Do you know what mom is thinking?” This is a film that deals with current hot issues of concern such as single mother, divorce, adultery, parenting, online sales, YouTuber, LGBT… Through close life stories, Humorous, the film helps the audience find answers for themselves when they are in similar situations. Kim Tuyen and Quang Tuan in the movie “Quiz what your mother is thinking” In the film, Kim Tuyen takes on the role of Ca Vi. When she was a student, she had a beautiful love affair with Tuan Ngan (Nguyen Quoc Truong Thinh). However, she discovered that her lover was the name of the department, “fishing with two hands”, so she decided to break up. Nearly 30 years old, Ca Vi decided to be a single mother because her family urged her to get married. Before this situation, her parents forced her to marry Si Tien (Quang Tuan) to act as a front. After 6 years of marriage, Ca Vi wanted a divorce, but her husband refused to agree, and “called” her parents-in-law to live together to prevent Ca Vi. After that, Si Tien thought that Ca Vi wanted a divorce to return to his ex-lover who was living right next to his house. From here, the funny stories begin. Kim Tuyen shared earlier that she thinks she is more suitable for long-running dramas than the series, each episode is a funny short episode like “Do you know what mom is thinking?”. The actress said that in times of stressful epidemics, laughter and relaxation are important to help people be more optimistic. That’s why she decided to accept the role in this movie. Moreover, this is Kim Tuyen’s next collaboration with director Ly Khac Linh after the film project “Beauty and Fame”. Kim Tuyen personality in real life Kim Tuyen’s character Ca Vi is a beautiful, strong, determined woman. She works in sales via livestream. This is quite similar to Kim Tuyen in real life, so she has many advantages during filming. The actress hopes that her real-life experiences and what the screenwriter put into the film will help the audience better understand the hidden corners of online sellers. Not only working with a familiar director, Kim Tuyen also paired with Quang Tuan in this film. The two played together in the movie project “Sadness has eyes”. In Kim Tuyen’s eyes, Quang Tuan is the co-star she feels most satisfied with so far because he is very sociable and has a lot of acting experience. Working with Quang Tuan will help her accumulate many useful lessons. Kim Tuyen’s full name is Tran Thi Kim Tuyen, born in 1987. She won the second prize of the reality TV show Women in the 21st century in 2006. After that, she entered the film industry and achieved many successes. such as the “Best Actress” award of the Golden Kite Award in 2009 with the movie “Love Story on Pearl Island”, “Excellent TV Actress” Blue Star (voted by the Arts Council) in 2014 , “Best Supporting Actress in a TV series” Golden Kite 2016 thanks to Youth,…