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The whole year was open on the top and bottom, Chi Pu’s birthday suddenly became gentle and discreet


On her birthday, Chi Pu surprised many people when she showed off her slim figure in a discreet set, but still showed off all her physical strengths.
Chi Pu is one of the hottest beauties in Vietnamese showbiz. Especially since being close to Ngoc Trinh, beautiful people often dress up with personality, cut above, slit below, revealing levels. Surfing around her personal page, it is easy to see that there is no shortage of moments when wearing short skirts or tight bikinis, showing off her full body.

However, on her birthday alone, the beauty had a surprisingly discreet “dress up” phase. Long-sleeved shirt, small flower skirt … the highlight of the attraction lies in the bright smile, gentle makeup according to the “national first love” standard. No need to “twist” to pose, Chi Pu captivated the audience at first sight with a fresh and beautiful modern image. The style of the female singer is increasingly attractive, moderately seductive but still extremely arrogant. Currently, Chi Pu is directing herself to a sexy image. She is not from the cut, daring outfits… Surfing Chi Pu’s personal page, it is indispensable for tiny swimsuits, just enough to cover the body. Although “tiny” but its value is not small at all. In addition, fancy crop top styles are also in the beauty’s wardrobe. Short shirt with long pants, showing off the slim waist is pleasing to the eyes. The design is jubilantly cut, if you are not confident in your body, who dares to wear it. Chi Pu is so excellent in this photo series. From posing to costumes, everything is attractive. A strange, impressive knit dress… All sorts of poses are confusing, but it’s really high fashion.