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Tomorrow, APG cable will be repaired, AAE-1 is expected to interrupt service until July 23


According to the latest information from ISPs, it is expected that on June 11, transmission channels on the APG cable route will be fully restored. Meanwhile, the problem on the S1H.1 segment of the AAE-1 cable route will be fixed from June 22 to July 13.
As 2 of the 5 undersea cable routes that account for the majority of Internet connection capacity from Vietnam to international, Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) and Asia Africa Europe 1 (AAE-1) are currently experiencing service interruptions.

Sharing with ICTnews this afternoon, June 10, a representative of Viettel confirmed, according to information from the operator of the undersea optical cable routes, on May 11 and May 25, two routes APG and AAE-1 have crashes in turn. Specifically, on May 11, a problem occurred on the S6 segment of the APG undersea cable line. The location of the cable problem is about 352 to 355 km from the TKO docking station in Hong Kong, China. The cause of the problem was determined to be a “shunt fault” but did not cause service disruption. The cable route management unit has mobilized the ship and started to carry out maintenance to fix the fault on the APG cable line from June 6 and is expected to be completed tomorrow, June 11. During the repair period, it will disrupt all services to and from Hong Kong, China of APG project member partners. The APG route is invested by four Vietnamese carriers, VNPT, Viettel, FPT and CMC. The incident occurred on May 25 on the S1H.1 segment of the AAE-1 cable line, which is expected to be fixed from June 22 to July 13 (Artwork: Internet) With the AAE-1 undersea cable, according to Internet service providers (ISPs) in Vietnam, the incident occurred on May 25 on the FP10 pair of the S1H.1 segment, far from the Cape D’Aguilar landing station. , HongKong, China about 2,072 km towards the port of Vung Tau, Vietnam. The cause of the problem was a fiber break, which partially disrupted the service to Hong Kong on the FP10 pair. The plan to overcome the problem that occurred on May 25 on the S1H.1 segment of the AAE-1 international undersea fiber optic cable has also been announced to ISPs in Vietnam, expected to start from June 22. and completed on 7/13. The fact that sea cable incidents occurred at the same time in the past time has affected the international connection capacity of telecommunications service providers in Vietnam. This is a common problem affecting all network operators and Internet service providers in Vietnam. However, according to a Viettel representative, the level of influence of this network operator is the lowest because before the sea cable incident, Viettel actively planned, routed, allocated and supplemented capacity, including capacity. redundancy on international connection cables to ensure the quality of service provided to customers. When an incident occurred, Viettel immediately implemented a routing plan, optimized and added capacity on other undersea cable routes including: TGN-IA towards Hong Kong and Singapore; APG heading to Singapore; AAE-1 goes to France as well as prepares land cable resources for international connections to ensure quality service for customers. “Viettel is continuing to work with the Management Board, operating the APG, AAE-1 undersea cable lines and the NEC contractor to have continuous updates on the plan to repair the above incidents. In case of difficulty accessing, customers contact Viettel via the switchboard 18008119 to find out the exact cause and support the fastest, “a Viettel representative said. Previously, talking to ICTnews, other carriers said that they had carried out load balancing, redirected connections to other undersea cable routes as well as some land cables to ensure the quality of service provided to customers. row. Specifically, CMC Telecom has increased capacity through the cable direction across Southeast Asia (A-Grid), connecting the Internet from Vietnam to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. VNPT has actively navigated and loaded other cable directions that are operating stably such as CSC, AAG, IA, SMW3… Besides, VNPT is also actively coordinating with relevant units and partners to thoroughly check and fix international Internet connection problems.