Home Business In the first quarter of 2021, Generali’s profit grew strongly

In the first quarter of 2021, Generali’s profit grew strongly


The results report from Generali shows that, in the first quarter of 2021, Generali’s business results recorded strong growth from operating profit and net profit.

Illustrated photo TL Generali Group’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Cristiano Borean, commented: “Generali Group ended the first quarter of 2021 with excellent results, in line with the set targets and affirming the effectiveness of the strategy. Generali 2021′”. “The Group continues to be one of the market’s leading insurers, with a strong financial position. We are in the process of rebalancing our life insurance product portfolio and thus have been able to maintain positive profitability in the context of low interest rates. Generali also continues to achieve the best and most consistent mix ratios in the market, as well as impressive results in asset management and other businesses. The strong growth in operating profit and net profit also shows that the group continues to operate effectively in the context of the macro economy still facing many uncertainties caused by the pandemic.” – Mr. Cristiano Borean shared. Specifically, as of March 31, 2021, Generali’s operating profit reached 1.6 billion euros (up 11%), thanks to the profit growth of non-life insurance, asset management and other business activities. At the same time, the life insurance segment achieved a stable profit compared to the same period last year. Gross premium revenue reached 19.7 billion euros (+4.2%), of which life insurance increased by 5.5% and non-life increased by 1.9%. Net cash flow from life insurance business amounted to €3 billion (up 1%), focused on unit-linked and protection products. The combined ratio hit 88% (down 1.4 percentage points) and the return on new mining revenue also recorded impressive results, leading the market at 4.44% (up 0.4 points). percent). Net profit of up to 802 million euros (compared to 113 million euros in the same period last year) – the first quarter of 2020 was significantly affected by the decline in investment assets and funding costs for the Special International Fund Covid-19. Strong financial position, with a solvency margin of 234%, thanks to an effective capital optimization strategy and positive market situation in the first quarter of 2021.