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Khuong Le: ‘I tried to lose weight in order to act in the movie’ Very old girl ‘V’


Khuong Le said he wanted to change himself to conquer the first milestone in his acting career.
Khuong Le is known for his work Very old girl, V – The regal lives . This is the first movie he participated in. In real life, Khuong Le is 1.86 m tall and weighs 81 kg. He has lost weight as well as invested in clothes to participate in the first film project.

“In early 2020, I felt that I needed changes to conquer new milestones in the future. This dynamic became even greater when I was appointed. Old girls do tricks Give the opportunity to challenge yourself, “Khuong Le chatted with Zing . Khuong Le in the movie Very old girl, V – The lives of regal. Had obsession with weight Before, I used to weigh 92 kg. This makes me a bit haunted. Maybe due to the location, I belong to the human organs that easily gain weight. Just eating comfortably for 1-2 days, I will gain weight significantly. However, I have never become a victim of “body-shaming”. Khuong Le works hard to lose weight and has a toned 6-pack body. I easily accumulate excess fat in the abdomen. The abdomen is the hardest part of the body to hide. So, the only way I have is to exercise to help dissolve excess fat. On the other hand, I also make sure to eat healthy to avoid the risk of increasing body fat. When I go into weight loss, I exercise and eat in moderation. I always make sure that I do not tolerate foods that are harmful to the body. Besides, I also eat a lot of fruit during the day. Speaking of physical training, basketball and soccer are my 2 favorite sports. Some days, I schedule a time to do the gym 2 hours before basketball. That way, after the gym is finished I can go play football. The feeling of living in a sport I love is very happy. It helps me relax, relieve stress effectively. Do not give up to conquer your target During my weight loss journey, there were a few times when I wanted to give up. However, thinking about my future goals, I continue to struggle and overcome. During movie recording Very old girl, V – The regal lives In Hue, I found a food store. This store offers healthy food, so I chose to order here. Khuong Le co-starred with Kaity Nguyen in the film. I love to eat chicken and fish. Chicken is also a favorite food for many gymers. On the other hand, I also focus on eating vegetables. The filmmaker’s accommodation has a gym. On days where there is no scene, I will take advantage of a 45-60 minute cardio workout. I think any weight training will help burn fat. Without weights, cardio is a great way to lose fat. From the beginning of 2020 up to now, I have successfully lost 8 kg. In the future, I want to reduce it a little more. I’m still not very satisfied with my current body. Will think about becoming a model I am a fashion lover. I follow people with good taste. They inspire me, help me shape my own style. Around the world, I often watch fashion shows of some fashion houses like Gucci, Saint Laurent or Dior. These are the high-end fashion brands I like the most. Talking about my current style, I always wear what I like and feel confident. T-shirts and jeans take up the bulk of my wardrobe. I also have a few shirts but not many. Khuong Le felt confident when wearing his favorite items. I often buy second-hand and fancy, unique items. Then I found a way to mix them together. Every day, my skin care is relatively simple. I check out the online instructions for men’s skincare routines and follow them. I use perfumes less often. When I go to a party or attend an important event, I use it. I do not dare to say in advance about entering the fashion field, becoming a model. I always try my best. If I feel good enough, I will think about it. 7 tips for wearing a nice shirt for men A shirt is a basic item that helps men look more elegant and attractive.