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6 beauty tips if you don’t know soon you will regret it


There are many very useful beauty secrets, but you don’t know why you should regret it.
Water is nature’s beauty product

Water is a natural beauty product. Drinking water will help your skin get proper moisture as well as plump up the cells and you will definitely look a lot younger. Water also contributes to the elimination of impurities, enhances circulation and blood circulation, making the skin healthier. Remove makeup properly Not removing makeup at night before going to bed will make the skin aging, clogged pores, thereby creating acne problems. Makeup removal is also the perfect step to complete your beauty routine. It has the effect of removing dirt, gasoline fumes … that the environment causes to your skin during a working day and commuting on the street. According to experts, you need to perform daily makeup removal with the right products. You should detox at least once a month to have a healthy body, your skin is also rosy, whiter. You can completely make your own juice mixture to detox your body. Make: Mix some beetroot with some orange juice, carrot, apple, half a cucumber and some celery. This juice will help the body eliminate toxins, as well as make the skin softer and brighter. Consider skin pigmentation (Undertone) and teeth The easiest way to beautify with red lipstick? Know your skin tone. Cold pigments (with red, pink, or bluish tones – belong to the cold family) go well with cool red lipsticks, while warm pigments (brown, yellow, warm colors) tone sur. with bright red lipstick. Neutral pigment can be combined with any lipstick color. Don’t forget the color of your teeth, if you’re worried because your teeth are not as white as jade, the dark red color that creates a cold feeling is a good suggestion for you. Use color keeping lipstick Choose a lipstick color that is long-lasting and contains many moisturizing ingredients. The “love me” lipstick collection of the “em” brand contains Argan oil, vitamin E as well as color that accentuates the lips. The trick to keeping the color in is to apply the lipstick, blot it with a tissue and apply it again, or apply a thin layer of baby powder over the lipstick you just applied. Chalk box broken Don’t throw away broken eyeshadow or blush boxes because there’s an easy fix. Just add a few drops of alcohol to the can, mix well and let it dry overnight. The next day, all the alcohol will evaporate and you won’t have to buy new ones again. Fix dry nail polish If your favorite nail polish bottle has started to dry out and is hard to open, try soaking it in hot water for a few minutes. Then take it out, shake it and quickly apply it while it’s still warm.