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The richest man in the United States frozen himself for 50 years and plans to resurrect him in 2017. How is it now?


“The great progress of science comes from brand new and bold imagination.”-Dewey

Since modern times, with the rapid development of science and technology, many “illusions” that existed in the past have become reality. Mankind has realized the dream of flying in the sky and building a city under the sea, and can also meet people thousands of miles away across space. Countless people are shocked by the power of technology. Some people have put forward bolder ideas-through the ages, many people have hoped that they can “live forever”, so can this long-cherished wish be realized with the power of science and technology? A few years ago, a richest man in the United States frozen himself for 50 years and planned to resurrect him in 2017. What is his situation now?
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1. The richest man in the United States, James Bedford

James Bedford was originally a physicist in a well-known American university. In addition, he was also a successful businessman. With his super economic acumen, he became the richest man in the United States 54 years ago. But as he got older, James’ physical condition became weaker, and unfortunately he later contracted kidney cancer. Regardless of whether it was then or now, cancer is almost completely equivalent to a terminal illness, and the chance of recovery is extremely small. After a long period of treatment, James’ condition still hasn’t improved, but he doesn’t want to succumb to fate, because he is still very nostalgic for this colorful world.
James Bedford

2. Cryonics technology

At this time, Robert Ettinger, who has been working on “cryonics”, approached James Bedford. He said that he could use freezing technology to freeze James’ body unharmed and wait until the future When technology develops to cure cancer, let him thaw and “resurrect”. But this technology requires a lot of money and manpower, so Robert hopes that James, who has strong assets, can participate in this experiment and become the first person in the world to be artificially refrigerated.

Robert Ettinger At first, James was skeptical of what Robert said. As a scientist, he understood that freezing a human body is an extremely complicated and difficult task, and even if he can be successfully “resurrected” in the future, he may not be able to adapt to future life. There are also problems with this technology in terms of human relations and ethics. But as James’ illness became more and more serious, he agreed to Robert’s approach in order to have “a ray of life” when the deadline was approaching. The frozen man in the film and television series

3. Plans to resurrect in 2017

After a rigorous plan, James put out a large sum of money, and plans to resurrect in 2017. When everything was ready, James finally closed his eyes in peace. At the moment he just passed away, Robert led his team to get busy. They replaced the blood in James’ body with a cryoprotectant to ensure that the blood crystals after freezing would not pierce the cells. After a series of complicated operations, James’ body was placed in a special refrigeration facility care center. Time flies, and 50 years later, it is the time for James to “resurrect”. But the result is obvious, today’s medical technology has not broken the problem of curing cancer, and how to resurrect the “frozen man” is still an unsolved mystery. Liquid nitrogen tank for freezing

4. How is it now?

Although James failed to realize his last wish to be resurrected in 2017, his family said that the property left by James was enough to support the cost of the subsequent freezing, so they will continue to spend a lot of money to preserve James’s body and make him Continue to freeze until the day when science and technology are really developed to cure cancer and resurrect the “frozen man”. Today, James is still “sleeping” in the refrigeration facility care center, and there are hundreds of people waiting for the day of “resurrection”. Cryonics Many people find it very novel after hearing the story of James Bedford. It is true that “health and longevity” is a beautiful vision for each of us, but nowadays, using cryonics technology to wait for the “resurrection” day is more like Fantastic Nights. For ordinary people, the real secret of health and longevity lies in a good attitude and regular life. Instead of pursuing the “imagination” that can be realized when you don’t know when, it’s better to live every day steadily. What do you think What?