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“Sweeper” beard, fine pores and beard, choose the eyebrow razor T3 Explorer


For male office workers, the daily shaving process is indeed a hassle. If you don’t pay attention to it, the shave is not clean, and the whole person will show no energy. A good razor is one’s own “good help”, which can refresh people. There are many similar products on the market, and it is impossible to clean the small stubble. It takes a lot of time to shave, and it is very tiring. I recently discovered that the T3 razor of the beard family has been upgraded with superb shaving ability and can be called a “sweeper” of beards. So what is the performance of this product, let’s take a look!

Stronger: Hardcore shaving, first choice for eyebrows T3
Unlike other razors on the market, the T3 is equipped with an integrated shaving head. This hard-core shaving system can harvest more beards at one time. Its original turbo-rotating expander head adopts a mesh design that gradually increases the layout from the inside to the outside, which greatly improves the efficiency of shaving. The sharp and thin blade can be seen directly by the naked eye, and it can be easily taken off for shaving dead corners.
For those short and thick stubble that is difficult to shave, T3 also has its own solution. Its built-in high-speed motor has strong performance and can cut the roots of the beard. It is clean and delicate. It is especially friendly to the skin and will not cause scratches and redness.
Cooler: flexible and easy to control, say goodbye to facial blemishes

Many of my friends have sensitive skin, and the skin will be red and swollen if you don’t pay attention to it. This is mainly caused by the use of inferior razors. The knife net of the beard and eyebrow T3 is flexible and very comfortable. Its knife head is only 32mm and the thickness of the knife net is 0.09mm. It is particularly flexible to operate. In addition, the beard and eyebrow T3 uses a low-nickel flexible knife net. Compared with other materials, it has very little skin irritation. This air-cushion knife net fits very well and is smooth without swelling. Boys don’t always prepare a small mirror by their side like girls do. Can they still shave without a mirror? Of course, it’s possible. The eyebrow T3 can become a “sound explorer” in seconds. The knife will make a “click” sound when you work. This is also the standard for detecting your clean beard. You can also enjoy cleanness when you shave blindly! More intimate: super long battery life, waterproof cleaning super worry-free It is common for razors to forget to charge, so long battery life must be arranged. The beard T3 flash charge for 2 hours can last a month, challenging the razor battery life ceiling. In addition, it uses the Type-C interface of most smartphones, which makes it easy to charge when going out. We all know that the razor must be cleaned after being used for a long time, otherwise it will be very unhygienic. The beard and eyebrow T3 adopts the IPX7 waterproof level of the whole machine, supports body washing, and can also be cleaned with a brush. The integrated cutter head is easy to use and does not hurt your hands. You can wash and brush as you want. Cleaning is particularly worry-free! Conclusion: On the whole, the shaving ability of the beard and eyebrow T3 is very strong. The integrated cutter head is delicate and does not damage the skin, and the shaving efficiency is particularly high, which is increased by 80%. Not only is the ability super powerful, but it is also very convenient to clean. It will not hurt your hands and make it cleaner!