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Travel simulator?Ireland uses “Assassin’s Hall of Valor” to promote local scenery


“Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor” is the first expansion expansion that is released on the line, allowing players to experience the scenery of the island of Ireland in the Viking period. Ireland’s tourism department is also cooperating with Ubisoft recently. The Irish scenery in this expansion is to promote the tourist attractions in Ireland, let’s take a look at the details!

In the expansion expansion “Druid’s Fury”, players can go to tourist attractions in Ireland, such as Dublin, Ben Bulburn and Tara Hill, to appreciate the local natural scenery and cultural charm. The Irish Ministry of Tourism and Ubisoft jointly launched a promotional video in which the Irish landscape of “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor” is compared with the real Irish landscape, and there is a cross-dimensional “sense of breaking the wall”.

In addition, this tourism promotion cooperation also invited famous game anchors from Britain, France, Germany and Spain to show and play the Irish scenery in “Druid’s Fury”, which is a wave of propaganda with the help of the game. It can be seen that Ubisoft’s expansion has a good restoration of the Irish Celtic style, so that more players can learn about Ireland, and can also think of Irish tourism from the scenery in the game. . The popularity of the game can often bring a lot of heat to the setting of the background. For example, the previous “Soul of Tsushima” attracted many players, and successfully raised funds for reconstruction with the help of the game’s popularity. You can see the potential and direction of the game to promote tourist attractions, and the local tourism department should also take advantage of the momentum to promote the local scenery and folk customs. At present, “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor” will also launch a second new expansion-Siege of Paris. Maybe it will attract many players to become interested in Paris? Ubisoft also said before that it will launch more free updates in the future. In the recent E3 exhibition, Ubisoft also announced information about the third DLC “Stone Gate”. Some players deciphered data indicating that the story may be set in Moosebelheim. The above content comes from the game inn