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10 golden secrets to keep your bare face still beautiful and radiant


The abuse of makeup is not good for the health of the skin, but many women cannot do without this step before leaving the house.
Using foundation, concealer, and other cosmetics will make your skin greasy or dry and increase acne and rash problems. Therefore, to get natural beauty without having to rely too much on makeup makes many women wonder.

1. Confident that you are beautiful This is the most important thing to make you really shine anywhere. When you are confident and radiant enough, you will make others realize the natural charm and beauty that only you possess. 2. Drink lots of water Water is an indispensable component for the body, drinking a lot of water will remove toxins from the body and make the body fresh from the inside. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, your skin and beauty will be significantly improved. Filtered water is the perfect choice and suitable for the body, limit the use of carbonated water and soft drinks to ensure the best body. 3. Use sunscreen regularly In fact, many people only use sunscreen when the weather is hot, but experts recommend that the use of sunscreen must be regular and maintained regularly. To prevent skin from being exposed to harmful UV rays, sunscreen is essential. 4. Use moisturizer Dry, cracked skin causes many people to rely on makeup to hide. If you moisturize your skin well, it will make your skin smooth and free of wrinkles and sagging. While using it on your face, don’t forget to use it on your hands and feet as well. 5. Warm water and lemon Drinking warm water with lemon in the early morning, you can say goodbye to makeup and still feel extremely confident. This mixture keeps you awake and draws all the toxins out of your body. The skin will be naturally bright and rosy. This is arguably the best of the 10 secrets to beauty without makeup. 6. Use herbal facial cleanser rửa Dirt and regular makeup make your skin dull and necessary to regenerate a new skin. You should use herbal facial cleanser every day after waking up and before going to bed. Doing it will open the pores and leave the owner feeling awake. 7. Exfoliate dead skin You should exfoliate every 2 weeks so that the skin can be elastic and “breathe” properly. Dirt and dead cells age the skin prematurely. You will lose a lot of vitality if you have bad skin. Exfoliate regularly and choose the right method for truly natural skin. 8. Use rose water Using rose water is one of the things you need to pay attention to if you want to be more natural and perfect. Rose water helps to tighten skin and tighten pores. The skin will not easily pick up dust and remove the oil very effectively. 9. Wash your hair properly Oily hair, dandruff, dirty hair, … make you look unsightly and skin more oily. Washing your hair will leave the image full of life and freshness. Tie your hair up in hot weather for the perfect look without worrying about damaging your skin if you touch your hair. 10. Never pop a pimple You apply makeup to hide blemishes and blemishes on your face. When it is perfect, it is not necessary to rely on makeup. Don’t touch your skin unnecessarily and never pop a pimple.