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Habits you must quit immediately if you don’t want acne to grow


Many habits seem harmless but cause acne to grow. Do not clean makeup

Illustration. This is one of the bad habits that cause acne that many people often ignore. Makeup that is not properly cleaned can cause breakouts. The reason is that cosmetics left on it along with sweat, dead skin will create conditions for bacteria to multiply, penetrate and cause acne on the skin in the next use. Therefore, please clean your makeup regularly, and at the same time limit the use of cosmetics with others. Lazy to wash hair If you have greasy hair, while washing your hair, the oil in your hair can run down your face and cause breakouts. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your hair regularly to remove excess oil on the forehead, face and back of the neck to prevent the appearance of acne. Frequently touching your face Did you know that the facial skin is a particularly sensitive area on the body, so when acne occurs, it often makes us feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. However, you absolutely should not touch the pimples directly. Because, daily hands come in contact with many different objects and the habit of touching your face will only give bacteria the opportunity to stick to the surface of the skin, and at the same time increase the risk of acne. more fish. Do not clean bedding periodically In addition to focusing on the above habits, you also need to pay attention to the objects used in the house, especially the bed. This is the place that comes into contact with your face every day and if not cleaned properly, it increases the risk of frequent breakouts. Eat greasy foods In fact, the foods you eat do not cause acne, however greasy foods are not good for acne-prone skin because excess oil and fat can accumulate on the skin. So follow a healthy diet, say no to fried, greasy foods to help your skin and health improve. Use cosmetics containing oil If your skin is oily, acne-prone, you won’t want to add oil to it. When shopping for cosmetics, buy ones labeled oil-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic to protect skin. Stopping bad habits that can harm your skin and replacing them with the right skin care measures will help you control acne. Just a few small changes, you can own a smooth skin and say goodbye to acne!