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Tell you 6 tips to use extremely effective sunscreen


Pocket 7 tips to use sunscreen below will help girls protect their skin against harmful sun rays, especially when wearing bikinis to the beach.
Apply sunscreen every 2 hours

If you are applying sunscreen once a day to save money, you should remove it from the beginning. Simply because the skin is not properly protected will lead to many other consequences. In fact, sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 2 hours, especially after exercising or participating in water-related activities. Therefore, you need to carefully refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and add the appropriate number of times to apply sunscreen depending on your body activity so that your skin is protected optimally and most effectively. Please. Illustration. Clean skin before use Sunscreen is like other cosmetics, before applying on the skin, it needs to be cleaned first. Otherwise, the cream will contribute to clogging the pores, causing bacteria to multiply strongly, leading to acne and causing skin irritation. In order for the nutrients in the cream to maximize its use and not cause unfortunate side effects, please wash your face with cleanser or soap with soap before applying. The cleansing action helps sunscreen penetrate the skin better than it takes to overcome sweat and sebum on the body. Absolutely do not use the same bottle of sunscreen for face and body This is another mistake when using sunscreen of many girls, many women for reasons of savings and convenience should only buy themselves 1 bottle of sunscreen and use it for the face and body. This is both uncomfortable to use because sunscreen for the whole body is often very oily, if applied to the face, it will cause discomfort, greasy and reduce the skin protection effect of the sunscreen. Therefore, for facial skin, you should use a type that is specifically designed for this area, which is both light and dry and convenient for makeup. You should also wear sunscreen indoors Car windows, home windows, office windows can only block UVB rays but not UVA rays. So unless you work in an expensive building with UV-blocking blinds, or are in luxury cars with UV-blocking screens, stay away from windows and still want to. Beauty needs to wear sunscreen! Have to wait patiently for the cream to take effect Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out to allow the cream to penetrate into the skin. This applies to both chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreens as soon as they are applied. Apply sunscreen in layers With foundation, the cream only needs to be applied a thin layer, but only sunscreen girls should apply 2-3 thin layers on top of each other, to promote the effectiveness of each layer should be applied a few minutes apart. In particular, it is recommended to apply cream on the cheeks a little more because this part of the skin is thin and exposed to harmful rays of the sun, causing melasma and freckles.