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LG joins in developing 6G technology with Next G Alliance


LG Electronics Inc. (Korea) announced on June 15 that one of the company’s main researchers will lead a working group in the North American mobile technology alliance on developing 6G technology.

Logo of LG International Corp. Photo: Reuters LG’s lead researcher, Lee Ki-dong, was elected as the President of the Applications working group of the Next G Alliance earlier this month. He will serve a two-year term to lead this group in addressing the requirements of 6G network adoption. Next G Alliance was established by the US Alliance for Telecommunications Solutions (ATIS) in October 2020 to promote the leadership of mobile technology in 6G networks. Next G Alliance has a total of 6 working groups with members from 48 companies in the fields of telecommunications, software and semiconductors. According to LG, 6G technology is expected to be commercialized in 2029, with talks on standardization slated to begin in 2025. The next-generation telecommunications network 6G will bring faster data transmission speeds, lower latency and higher reliability than 5G networks and can bring about the concept of the Internet of Things Ecosystem, to enhance the experience user experience. LG established a 6G network research center with the Korea Research Institute of Science and Technology Development in 2019 and signed an agreement with the Korea Science and Standards Research Institute in 2020 to research new technologies. 6G technology.