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Classic male model with long hair


Thomas Alexander attracts fans thanks to his handsome face, professional thinking and expression.

Through a series of videos shared on his personal page, Thomas Alexander attracts attention thanks to his classic beauty. Male model currently lives and works in New York, USA. Long hair and a small face are the advantages that make Thomas Alexander more famous, according to Mazza Models. According to information posted by the management company, Thomas Alexander is 1.78 m tall. The male model has a toned body thanks to hard weight training. Cooking for himself is one of the habits that help him maintain a fit body. Thomas Alexander often shares recipes on his personal page. Thomas Alexander started collaborating with the model management company from November 2020. Before that, the male model was not too famous. He began to be known when he grew his hair long and entered the fashion world. Besides modeling, Thomas Alexander challenged himself to act in promotional videos. He is highly appreciated for having a body suitable for a variety of styles. Thomas Alexander loved the field of makeup. He often does his own makeup like famous characters in movies. The male model used to dress up in the shape of the main character in the movie The Crow. The “talking” eye becomes a strength that helps Thomas Alexander’s photos stand out. Meanwhile, long hair is an “assistant” that makes his overall face more classic but still looks stylish. In everyday life, Thomas Alexander has a simple, classic style. He likes to wear T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Male models are not followers of branded goods. A loose-fitting shirt combined with low-rise pants is the ideal formula to enhance his romantic beauty.