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Original Song Hye Kyo’s old photos flowed out, and I felt that the screen could not fit, no wonder the fat guys are all potential stocks!


There is a topic that fat people are potential stocks, and Song Hye Kyo is also the same. After seeing Song Hye Kyo’s fat photos in the past, netizens feel that the screen is about to fit. It is true that the beauty is given by God, and the figure is obtained by my own hard work.

For Song Hye Kyo, the post-80s audience may have deep memories. When they first watched Korean dramas, Song Hye Kyo was one of the first Korean female celebrities to know, and they were chased after “Blue Life and Death” and “Romantic House”. Waiting for the Korean drama, the domestic audience fell in love with this sweet girl. However, Song Hye Kyo had also had “ugly photos” back then, that was after a sudden increase in weight.

Netizens found some photos of Song Hye Kyo who had a distorted figure. In these photos, Song Hye Kyo is really happy, but it can still be seen from the facial features that it is a beauty embryo. The thin Song Hye Kyo is indeed like this, which makes a lot of people. Netizens sigh with emotion that the facial features are given by their parents, and the figure can indeed be changed by oneself.

Regarding the marriage change between Song Hye Kyo and Song Zhongji, I still have a blessing mentality for them. After all, things in the entertainment circle really don’t understand!