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Yoona chose the 5 most favorite red carpet dresses: There is a model that has been criticized by netizens


Yoona has gone through a hundred times to go to the red carpet, but what are the dress patterns that make Yoona the most eye-catching and want to look back? Surprisingly, Yoona called a design that was once criticized by netizens as ‘weird third round’.
Every time she appears on the red carpet, Yoona makes netizens stand still because of her beautiful appearance like a princess, gorgeous dresses. Yoona is rarely included in the list of “bad stars”, but if she needs to choose the most favorite red carpet dresses, what design will Yoona remember?

9 years have passed, Yoona is still particularly impressed with the elaborate rose ash dress she wore to attend the 2012 KBS Drama Award ceremony. The rose turns Yoona into a real princess. Yoona’s makeup that day was also very new, different from the usual style. That’s why not only netizens, but Yoona herself is also very satisfied with this image. At the Busan Film Festival in 2019, Yoona made the audience stand still while walking on the red carpet with a yellow dress floating like a cloud. The design is not too sophisticated, but the dress adorn Yoona very much, helping her be praised as Princess Belle of the film Beauty and the Beast real life version. During the Busan Film Festival in 2019, Yoona shined beside Jang Dong Gun in an elegant, elegant white dress, thought to be discreet, but still helped her show off her slim body. Although Yoona loves this dress, netizens criticize that it doesn’t suit Yoona at all. The first is that Yoona’s back is a bit thin, exposing the bones, the second is that the back of the skirt has ruffled lines, making Yoona’s 3 look quite weird. Yoona looks so gentle, not afraid to change her image, every time she appears on the red carpet, she is surprised. For example, the elegant black dress is elegant and bold in the front, bold in the back, that Yoona wore at the awards Green Dragon 2019 used to make netizens flutter. Yoon was so bold that she pulled her hair to one shoulder to show off her smooth white back. The moment Yoona turned her body in front of the camera used to make many hearts go crazy. It seems that Yoona really likes simple, elegant but luxurious dresses. Like the outfit she wore at the awards ceremony Asia Artist Awards Award 2018 very simple in design but still helps Yoona shine like a goddess. The black color enhances Yoona’s smooth white skin, the more netizens pay attention to her perfect beautiful face and sweet charisma. visual SNSD group.