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Male model 1.85 m tall has attractive blue eyes


Jorge Del Rio Romero attracts people with romantic blue eyes and angular face.

Jorge Del Rio Romero is a model from Madrid, Spain. Besides modeling, he also majored in Aerospace Engineering. According to information published by NWModels, Romero is 1.85 m high, has brown hair color and romantic blue eyes.

Unique blue eye color helps Jorge Del Rio Romero look attractive in every frame. In addition, the angular jaw bone brings a stylish look to the male model. He conquered portrait shots thanks to his good communication with the lens.

Romero regularly takes fashion portrait photos thanks to the proportion of beautiful faces. Besides, his blue eyes are also cleverly accentuated in the photos.

Jorge Del Rio Romero works hard to perfect his physique. He is impressed by his muscular muscles and well-proportioned body proportion. Thanks to that, male models can beautifully dress items in many different styles. Romero wears a plum red outfit, including a turtleneck shirt with a blazer. He wore a wide-brimmed hat to show off his elegant appearance.

Romero chose a set of classic European gentleman style. Male model matching 3-piece suit with blazer, dark gray hat. He pressed lightly with a polka dot pattern collar.

Jorge Del Rio Romero’s casual fashion style tends to be both dynamic and masculine. He mixes a plaid or checkered shirt with jeans. The Spaniard dropped a few buttons on his shirt to help his tight chest tighten.

Jorge Del Rio Romero mainly works as a photo model or commercials for several fashion brands. He used to work with Nike, Diesel, Champion, The North Face … Male model likes to wear simple items such as t-shirts, denim jackets, leather jackets, jeans, sneakers … He combines the black and white colors. contrast in the same set of clothes to be attractive, while ensuring minimalism.

Male model dressed in pure black outfit. This is also a beauty trick to increase height for men. When bargaining with dark colors like black, dark gray, navy blue, your body will be seamless. From there, create visual effects to help the physique look taller and more balanced.

Jorge Del Rio Romero promotes indispensable summer items for men such as tank top, shorts and low-neck sneakers. The tank top is deeply armored to create coolness, while toning muscles. Meanwhile, shorts, sneakers are ideal for walking or traveling.

How should men match with sneakers? Choosing the right clothes when wearing shoes helps the boys look stylish and youthful.