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Ngoc Quyen released a hot bikini image ‘suffocating’


Although she is a mother of one child, Ngoc Quyen still has a sexy body, confidently showing off 3 hot rings that make viewers fall in love.

On her personal page, Ngoc Quyen posted a set of “cool” summer photos in a swimsuit with a bold cut on the chest and hot curves. Thanks to the deep cut swimsuit, Ngoc Quyen easily flaunted her slim and seductive shoulders. Sharing about this photo series, Ngoc Quyen said that she took it on a vacation trip, both taking pictures and going out “This summer with yellow, pink, blue tones and green tones up. There’s nothing wrong with the picture.” According to Ngoc Quyen, she is currently investing in the fashion industry, so she is especially interested in how to coordinate clothes and choose color tones to make the photos more personal. Switching to a yellow bikini set, the beauty chose to add eyewear accessories and a head scarf to add personality to the outfit. At another angle, the beauty chooses a tight yellow croptop shirt over a bikini to increase the dynamism and youthfulness. Although she has been born in debt, mother of one child Ngoc Quyen still has a slim, standard body like when she was a supermodel. Ngoc Quyen (1988) is a former supermodel who left the profession in 2004 and decided to move to the US with her husband to settle down. Currently, she and her husband are divorced. Ngoc Quyen is a single mother and owns a company specializing in cosmetics and fashion. Recently, the beauty appeared in the famous Pump magazine with the collection “Grace-note”.