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Starting from 268,800 yuan, the new fourth-generation Highlander leads the new wave of large SUVs


On June 25, 2021, the all-new fourth-generation Highlander of GAC Toyota’s TNGA large SUV was officially launched. As a global strategic model, Highlander has gone through 21 years of glorious history, with global sales exceeding 4.45 million units. In recent years, with the surging wave of the “four new modernizations” of automobiles, as one of the earliest domestic enterprises to achieve mass sales of electric vehicles, GAC Toyota has been actively responding to the national new energy development policy and the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. , Continue to introduce the new technology of Quanqing Power, and strive to realize the full electrification of models. Relying on the dual blessing of Toyota’s TNGA architecture and advanced hybrid technology, the arrival of the new fourth-generation Highlander will strongly open the new prelude to the era of GAC Toyota’s electrification. The new car has six major configurations of 2.5L dual-engine, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 268,800-348,800 yuan. Millions of glory, creating the Highlander phenomenon In 2009, GAC Toyota Highlander went on the market. The domestically produced highlander has been selling well for 12 years, and it has won the recognition of 1.1 million distinguished car owners. In terms of value, quality, value preservation and user reputation, Highlander has maintained its market share of No.1 in the market segment for many consecutive years, with a value retention rate of 87.09% in 1-3 years, the first in its class, and Highlander has become a reality. The well-deserved “Sales Benchmark” and the “Word of Mouth Benchmark” that users can hardly replace. Today, the new fourth-generation Highlander is evolving at a higher level. It is based on Toyota’s TNGA-K high-end platform. The TNGA 2.5L hybrid version is introduced for the first time, and it is equipped with a new E-FOUR electronic four-wheel drive system. The charm of the product further sublimates the charm of Highlander. Beyond the senses, the surging unprecedented The new fourth-generation Highlander introduces TNGA 2.5L and the new fourth-generation enhanced THSⅡ Toyota hybrid system. The battery capacity is larger, the overall power is higher, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 5.3L, becoming the mid-range battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers. A large seven-seater SUV achieves both large-scale vehicles and high endurance. The four-wheel drive version of the new car is equipped with a new E-FOUR electronic four-wheel drive system. It adopts a dual-drive motor design for the front and rear axles, which can intelligently realize a wide range of adjustment of the front and rear axle driving force of 100:0-20:80. Not only the starting is more stable, the cornering is more flexible, and the escape is faster, but also the daily urban car is guaranteed without losing good cross-country passability. Beyond knowing, connect the world with your mind The new fourth-generation Highlander has also been upgraded in terms of smart car connectivity, equipped with a new car-machine system, and introduced in-vehicle smart connectivity systems including 12.3-inch smart voice navigation system, face ID recognition system, HiCar/Carplay/Carlife, etc. Support map navigation, online music, voice recognition, home appliance linking, life services, applets, payment and other rich ecological service functions, create an interactive interface between car and mobile phone, and provide users with a new “smart cockpit” enjoyment. At the same time, the above services can also enjoy 5 years of free basic data and 1 year of free audio and video data. In addition, the new fourth-generation Highlander has also upgraded the introduction of the “Fengyun Yuexiang” smart mobile interconnection service to realize the remote control of the vehicle by the mobile phone, making smart convenience within easy reach. Connected with the world online at all times, including 14 intelligent remote services such as car status query, Yuexiang parking, remote air conditioning, anti-theft reminder, vehicle positioning, etc., users can keep track of the vehicle situation at any time, creating a new wisdom of “car-home-mobile” global linkage New life experience. Go beyond what you see, show extraordinary tolerance The brand-new fourth-generation Highlander combines a new and stylish image in one. The new upper and lower split trapezoidal air intake grille, combined with array LED headlights, highlights a certain high-level texture. The 20-inch high-gloss wheels and the slip-back suspension roof show the weight of the body while also being more dynamic and energetic. The new fourth-generation Highlander based on the TNGA architecture is completely upgraded, and the body size is fully upgraded. Compared with the previous generation, the length of the car is increased by 75mm, the wheelbase is increased by 60mm, the length and width are as high as 4965mm/1930mm/1750mm, and the wheelbase is 2850mm. The larger body size makes the second row more outstanding, and the seat slides are extended by 30mm, making the third row more convenient to ride. Not only that, the longer and thicker third-row seat backrests have greatly improved comfort, so you will not feel tired even for long-distance rides. In terms of storage, inheriting the advantages of the previous Highlander products, the second row and the third row also support 4/6 division, and the length of the luggage compartment has increased by 50mm to 520mm, making the interior space easy. In terms of interior, the new fourth-generation Highlander has also undergone substantial upgrades, with improved refinement of interior design and improved quality. The new car steering wheel, instrument panel, door panel, seat and other large areas are covered with delicate leather. For the first time, it is equipped with a 12.3-inch color TFT multi-function information display and a 12.3-inch color central control touch navigation display. The moment you enter the compartment, you feel completely different. In terms of body color, the new car offers a total of 5 car colors. On the basis of the previous classic smoky quartz black, star diamond red, opal silver, platinum and pearl white, a new sapphire blue body color is added for the first time in China. Beyond the reach, smart enjoyment of security The new fourth-generation Highlander is equipped with the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense (Toyota Collision Avoidance Assist Kit), including PCS pre-collision safety system, DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system, LTA lane tracking assist system and AHB automatic adjustment high beams The system realizes quasi-L2 level automatic driving, refines the usage scenarios on the basis of the original functions, and further provides safer travel guarantee. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with rich and convenient daily safety configurations, including HUD three-screen linkage intelligent display, streaming media inner rearview mirror, BSM parallel blind spot monitoring system, RCTA rear blind spot warning system on the reverse side, PVM panoramic monitoring system, and all systems The standard TPWS tire pressure monitoring system (with numerical display) strives to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the owner’s car in various car scenarios. In terms of passive safety, the whole system comes standard with 7 SRS airbags. At the same time, the new car adopts a new GOA high-rigidity body based on the TNGA architecture. The proportion of ultra-high-strength steel of 590 MPa and above in the whole car has been increased, and the safety is higher and the driving is more stable. Go beyond what you enjoy and redefine luxury Low-key and pragmatic, know more about responsibility; dare to work hard, know more about life, they take into account family and self-pursuit, realize themselves in conquering, and make continuous breakthroughs in challenges. It is just such a group of leaders who can stay for home and travel for their dreams. Together with the new fourth-generation Highlander, they will explore a more exciting world and experience the new life of “5+2+7” luxury travel. 5 days of city life, enjoy the high-efficiency daily commuting brought by the ultra-low fuel consumption of 5.3L per 100 kilometers and the rich car-machine system; 2 days of short-distance outings, enjoy the big seven-seat space and the latest generation of TSS smart travel safety, new E-FOUR The four-wheel drive system brings safety and short-distance travel; 7-day long-distance exploration, enjoy the full-road conditions, all-weather long-distance exploration travel brought by a tank of fuel 1000km long endurance, large trunk and multiple off-road modes. In the past, Highlander was a benchmark product that met user needs; in the future, there will be a lifestyle called Highlander. In the big seven-seater SUV market, Highlander always hopes to continue to make breakthroughs, innovations, and surpasses, and continue to provide users with products and services that exceed expectations