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Don’t give the public a chance. In the Toyota Double Engine era, the technology is strong and the driving force is strong.


Nowadays, with a budget of 100,000 yuan, it is no longer difficult to choose which car to buy. After all, whether it is a car or an SUV, the 100,000-class product is very rich and complete, and there are many boutiques. Just make a choice according to your preferences. , Basically there is no problem. And this year, large-sized family SUVs and new energy sources have become the focus of everyone’s attention. It can be said that all car companies are embarking on these two things at the same time, rushing to push new and reveal new technologies, so as to quickly deploy the market. For example, Volkswagen not only just launched a new flagship SUV-Lanjing, but also created an MEB modular electric drive platform, and quickly deployed new energy pure electric vehicles (SAIC ID.X series and FAW ID. series). However, from focusing on fuel directly to pure electricity, for many people in China, this is simply a heartbeat, which is unacceptable. The criticism of pure electric vehicles (range, electricity, battery) limits our choices. In addition, in the hearts of Chinese people, although we started late in the fuel era, we have made faster breakthroughs in the field of new energy. After several years of rapid development, most people have recognized domestic vehicles in the pure electric field. Of course, facts have proved that hybrid models are the most suitable for Chinese people at present. Among them, Toyota Shuangqi Hybrid is the king. The cumulative global sales have exceeded 18 million. Among them, the cumulative sales of China’s Toyota Shuangqing have exceeded 1.2 million, with 24 Years of deep technical accumulation, and no battery system accidents in the past 24 years (As of now, Toyota has sold more than 18 million electrified models worldwide, and there has been no case of electric shock (leakage), battery burning or explosion caused by vehicle accidents. At the same time, Toyota HEV is no different from fuel vehicles in terms of maintenance. The core three-electric components provide long-term warranty). Toyota Dual Engine Hybrid can be described as the No. 1 in the HEV field, and no one can shake its status. At the same time, as the first car company to launch mass-produced hybrid HEV models, Toyota Shuangqing Hybrid has covered the fields of cars, SUVs and MPVs, and has achieved a comprehensive layout in the market. Corolla Shuangqing, Corolla Shuangqing E+, Leilink Shuangqing, Ralink Shuangqing E+, Rongfang Shuangqing, Rongfang Shuangqing E+, Asia Dragon Shuangqing, Camry Shuangqing, Weilanda Shuangqing, Weilanda High Performance Edition, Weirfa Shuangqing, Alpha Shuangqing, etc., At present, Toyota has launched more than 20 HEV products. In the near future, a new generation of Highlander Shuangqing, the new flagship SUV Crown Lufang Shuangqing based on the new generation of Highlander has been unveiled at the same time, and will be listed in the middle of this year, plus the new C-HR Shuangqing Heyi Ze Shuangqing will further enrich the product lineup of the Toyota Shuangqing family. What are the advantages of Toyota Shuangqing Hybrid? In addition to 24 years of deep technical foundation and 24 years of battery system zero accidents and market recognition, there are three main points: First, Toyota Shuangqing technology is more advanced: it has epoch-making technology with two power sources, “engine” and “motor” at the same time, no external charging is required, and the engine and the motor work together tacitly, bringing a powerful power comparable to a higher level of displacement (For example, Toyota Rongfang dual engine E+ and CR-V sharp hybrid e+, the gap between new capabilities is obvious); Second, Toyota’s dual engine technology is more advanced: TNGA technology blessing, high-speed combustion technology, intelligent variable valve timing system, wide-area Atkinson cycle, engine thermal efficiency 41%, further reducing exhaust emissions, allowing CO2 and other exhaust gas pollution to be effective Control, when driving in the EV electric driving mode, it is as quiet and comfortable as an electric car, and it is full of high-end feeling. Third, the price is relatively more friendly to the people: Compared with Honda’s models, the Weilanda dual-engine hybrid guide price is 205,800 yuan to 241,800 yuan, while the Haoying hybrid guide price is 209,800 yuan to 252,800 yuan. Landa Shuangqing is cheaper than Haoying Hybrid models; Toyota Rongfang Shuangqing E+ subsidies starts at 248,800 yuan, while Honda CR-V Rui·Hybrid e+ subsidies starts at 273,800 yuan, which is a relatively low threshold. Lower. Summary: Pure electric vehicles may be destined to be the future trend, but it seems that we are still a long time away from realizing the era of all-electricity. The current hybrid is more in line with national conditions and more suitable for Chinese people to choose for a period of time in the future. Toyota Shuangqing Hybrid The rapid completion of the full market coverage of HEV products has already won the starting line and decision-making. With the leading technology blessing and perfect and powerful product layout, the Toyota Dual Engine hybrid era is ushered in. This does not give the public a chance. ! Picture statement: Picture source network, if there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete!