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Selling hip-hop milk tea in Sanlitun, the three young women think they can lie down and win, but still lose 400,000 yuan!


Find a good business, start a business and avoid pitfalls. Follow【Commercial Street Detective Case】 Detective | I thought that I won the top ip with 0 initial fee, but I met a hip-hop milk tea “wholesaler”. To open a milk tea shop that cooperates with China’s New Rap in the busiest bar street business district in the city, the trendy young people can’t come here! Definitely make a profit! In the fall of 2019, when Wang Fufu and the investment manager of the milk tea brand[RICHING Hip Drinking Power]met, he was very excited. At that time, she was married, had some savings, and was tired of 7 years of working life, and wanted to start a small catering business. It happened that two sisters had the same idea, so the three began to pay attention to catering investment information. At that time, the major domestic rap variety shows were popular, and they followed the online investment information of a milk tea brand that claims to be cooperating with China’s new rap, that is,[RICHING hip drink power]milk tea. The brand claims to be an offline catering brand created by the hottest rap show “China’s New Rap” under iQiyi and the tea industry. It is the first collaboration of “variety IP + tea” in the cross-industry, and it has become the hottest and most popular. New online celebrity check-in shop. Wang Dufu told[Business Street Detective](ID: bustanan) that the investment manager also revealed at the time that the store’s display and furnishings, including publicity, will have the labels of iQiyi and China’s New Rap, and the popular rap stars will be popular through the new rap. Will go to the store to do activities, because the popular rap star Wang Yitai once went to a store in Guangzhou to help promote. As a result, the three sisters Wang Fuhua, who originally liked hip-hop music, were moved, and they pooled about 400,000 yuan in start-up capital to open a milk tea shop in Sanlitun, the most famous gathering place for hipsters in Beijing. As the IP support for China’s new rap, Wang Fufu believes that he is invincible. As a result, nearly a year has passed. At one time, three of them were in a daze in the store every day looking for customers. They also found that the so-called China’s new rap cooperation was not invincible. Existed and had to close the store. “In less than a year, more than 400,000 yuan can still see the waves.” Wang Fu said. Do you dare to believe the “China New Rap IP” milk tea with zero initial fee? Wang Fu told the detective that when the three sisters made up their minds to open[RICHING Drinking Power]milk tea in the autumn of 2019, the low entry barrier was a very important thrust. At that time, the person in charge of brand investment told them: The brand is currently in the stage of seizing the market and the threshold is very low. Except for a deposit of 10,000 yuan and the first batch of materials of more than 20,000 yuan, the remaining 100,000 yuan of initial investment is all used to purchase Equipment and in-store supplies do not include other costs, and the single-store franchise model promised by the brand will have professional teachers to help select locations, lead stores and provide strong support. Wang Fanfu thought that compared with the initial investment of hundreds of thousands of milk tea brands, the initial investment of 170,000 yuan is really not much, and it is said that all the products are exquisite materials, the unit price is more than 20 yuan, and it can reach more than 65% of the gross profit. Such a company can be regarded as a brand of conscience. At the same time, although it is a new brand, there are many brands in the same category and many brands are already mature, but relying on the label of rap shows, it should not be difficult to gain a foothold in milk tea drinks, so they hit it off and decided to join. After signing the franchise agreement, the company’s short-term training will begin. During the same period of training, there are many franchisees from all over the country. She has more confidence in the business that she and her sisters will start together. After the training, Wang Chuan contacted the brand to ask the teacher to help him choose the location, but there was no substantial progress. After discussing with his sisters, he decided to find his favorite store first. Wang Chuan used to work in the core business district of East Third Ring Road in Beijing. She immediately set her sights on Sanlitun, which is the most fashionable and trendy area in Beijing. The flow of people is one of the best in Beijing’s core business districts, except for the fashionable shopping districts. , There are also many bars and nightclubs, the transportation is convenient, and the surrounding residential areas, large commercial office buildings, schools, hospitals, buses and subways. Although it is the first time to invest and open a store, Wang Fulu has no problems with his idea of ​​location. Since the brand has no hard and fast rules on the area of ​​the store, Wang Chao quickly found a 13-square-meter store, excluding entrance fees and transfer fees, and the landlord rented it directly. In the end, Wang Chuan rented the shop for 20,000 yuan per month. The contract was signed for two years, and the payment method was two deposits and three payments. At the same time, the brand did not set too many thresholds for decoration except for posters and a unified door. Wang Chuan contacted a friend and simply settled it. There was basically no expenditure in this part. The initial investment of 170,000 yuan plus the rent investment of 100,000 yuan, the initial cost of opening a store was about 270,000 yuan. Everything is ready, and the three sisters are about to open a new chapter in their careers in December 2019. The smallpox said before joining, disappeared after joining As mentioned earlier, when communicating with the brand on joining matters, the brand said that it would have a professional teacher to help when choosing a site, but Wang Fufu and his sisters chose the site and decoration entirely on their own, and did not receive any support from the brand. After opening the store, I thought I could get professional support from the teacher, but the brand did not assign a teacher. Wang Fu received the reply: The company’s Spring Festival holiday is all one month in advance, and the teacher will come to the store to support after the Spring Festival holiday. In this way, Wang Fu and his sisters explored the opening together based on the experience they learned during the training. After the opening, the average daily turnover of 40 orders and the daily average turnover of 800 yuan was quite different from their expectations, and there was no belt. The help of the shop teacher made them even more at a loss. After barely lasting for a month, the store lost at least more than 10,000 yuan on paper. At the beginning of 2020, the arrival of the epidemic made Wang Fu’s bleak business worse, and their shops were also forced to suspend business. The three sisters were helpless against such natural and man-made disasters, but they did not complain about each other. They prayed for the epidemic. End early. In March after the Spring Festival, as the epidemic has been controlled to a certain extent, various industries have resumed work and production one after another, and they will soon start business again. When the brand party was contacted again, the brand party still could not help their store on the grounds of the epidemic. In desperation, they regrouped again. Although faced with bleak turnover every day, they still actively cleaned up the store, ready to welcome the next customer at any time, and the results can be imagined. During this period, there were many days when their daily turnover was zero. From March to July, their average daily turnover was not enough to travel from home to and from the store. During this period, they contacted the brand many times and received no news. . The three people looked back at each other when they thought of their beautiful vision for the future during the preparatory period. What is even more chilling is that I heard that franchisees from other provinces and cities that participated in the training together have been unable to contact the brand. In the end, the landlord’s call for rent became the last straw that crushed the camel. Wang Chuan and his sisters made the difficult decision to close the shop. In August 2020, they sold the goods and equipment in the store, in exchange for a return of less than 10,000 yuan. The epidemic is not a small blow to catering, but it is not an excuse for investment failure A friend comforted Wang Fulu: If it weren’t for the epidemic, it might be profitable. But Wang Chao knew that even if there was no epidemic, it would be difficult to make a profit. First of all, after the resumption of work and production, the average monthly turnover of Wang Fu’s store was less than 10,000 yuan. What about profit? Of course, at this time, the impact of the epidemic can be an excuse for loss, but Wang Fu did not have the impact of the epidemic when he opened. Their monthly turnover is only a meager 24,000 yuan, excluding labor expenses, and the basic rent, water and electricity expenses have lost more than 10,000 yuan. The opening bargaining at that time, plus various holiday promotions at the end of the year, failed to make it. Her business has improved, and it is conceivable that this investment experience is undoubtedly a failure. Let’s make an assumption that the milk tea shop has a life cycle of 3-5 years and needs to return to the capital in about a year before it can be profitable. According to this profit model, the unit price is 20 yuan, assuming 150 orders per day for dine-in and 3,000 yuan in turnover. With a gross profit margin of 65%, then the monthly gross profit of dine-in is around 58,500 yuan; assuming that the daily average takeaway is 100 orders, the turnover is 2,000 yuan, the gross profit margin is 45% (nearly 20% of the service fee on the takeaway platform), and the monthly gross profit for takeaway is around 27,000 yuan, then The gross profit totals around RMB 85,500. At this time, the average daily sales is 250 yuan, the average daily turnover is 5000 yuan, and the monthly turnover is 150,000 yuan in exchange for the 85,500 yuan gross profit. After deducting the rent of 20,000 yuan, other utilities, losses and logistics costs, the remaining is about 50,000 yuan. Of course, there are still unsettled labor expenditures by Wang Chuan and the others. When their store can achieve a monthly turnover of 150,000, the basic expenditure will increase slightly. It is estimated that there will be about 5 employees, and after the salary expenditure is about 30,000 yuan, the net profit will be about 20,000 yuan. According to this sales volume, Wang Chuan can pay back the cost in more than a year and make a profit in the second year. Wang Chao’s daily average of 40 orders when he opened his business was more than 200 orders different from our hypothetical ideal state. Such a gap is entirely due to the impact of the epidemic as an excuse. Of course, the above data is completely calculated based on the assumption made by the milk tea shop’s life cycle of 3-5 years. Secondly, since Wang Fu signed a contract to join the store and ceased business, the brand has not given any help. Wang Dufu told the detective: Once an iQiyi staff member went to the store to buy drinks, and saw that the poster of the rap variety show in the store was exclusively broadcast by iQiyi, he asked Wang Dufu whether there was a discount, and Wang Duuye. Recalling that before signing the contract, the brand had hyped up milk tea and iQiyi’s new rap show in China, and promised that the stars of the rap show would be invited to the store to help with the promotion. She asked these customers when to help them promote Propaganda, and these employees are actually at a loss. At the same time, Wang Fu said that she later learned that the brand company had only spent the sponsorship fee to obtain the right to use the “iqiyi” LOGO and the “China New Rap” LOGO, that is, posters, store decorations, etc. related to it. Elements, so it can be used as a gimmick to attract investors and consumers. In fact, the so-called cooperation with the show is far from the fact that the so-called cooperation with the show and the franchisees such as Wang Fufang and others expect stars to do activities to help marketing. And we found information that the brand belongs to “Jiangsu Dazuo Yuxi Catering Management Co., Ltd.”. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has applied for “Heypa Tea”, “Rap Tea”, “Hip Hop Drinking”, and “Hip Hop Tea”. There are nearly 50 trademark rights and interests such as “RICHING” and “茶食房”, and most of them are related to hip-hop elements. It can be said that the company is committed to catching up with the popularity of rap music shows at that time. In this regard, Wang Fufang thought his investment and entrepreneurial experience in rap variety show IP + tea was too ideal afterwards. In the end, Wang Fu said optimistically: At that time, he didn’t understand the so many tricks, and blindly ate the “big pie” drawn by the brand. The money should be a lesson. Although the surface is calm, this is after all the savings accumulated by the sisters, and fortunately, the three people have no complaints between each other, and the relationship remains the same. In 2021, various milk tea brands are vying for beauty. Recalling that a milk tea shop that was recently criticized by CCTV for opening, queuing chaos, celebrity endorsement milk tea joining 700 million scams and other incidents have been frequently exploded. Many brands use celebrity cooperation, celebrity endorsements, and celebrity brands. The slogan attracts investors to seize the market. After a large amount of capital is injected, is the milk tea still the original cup of milk tea? Because Wang Fufu’s milk tea shop is not doing well, this time the investigation will not do too much analysis on their store operations. At the same time, I hope investors will consider more when choosing projects, and hope that brands like this will be serious about doing projects. Our own investors try their best to support. Especially the major brands of milk tea drinks, don’t focus on how to cut the leeks, please return the original cup of milk tea to us! Entrepreneurship is not easy, and there are many traps. If you want to know about the project, leave a message in the comment area, or send a private message to us. Ask more, don’t be taken advantage of.