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Gridsum has partnered with the National Grand Theater for eight consecutive years, helping China’s national art palaces improve their digital operation capabilities


With the proposal of the digital China strategy, my country’s digital economy has entered a stage of rapid development, and all walks of life are moving in the direction of digital industrialization and industrial digitization. Rapidly changing information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things have also injected fresh blood into the development of the cultural and tourism industry. Relying on its technological advantages in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence, Gridsum has successfully renewed its contract with the National Grand Theater recently.

After renewing the contract with the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Gridsum will continue to provide its official website monitoring and analysis services through Web Dissector (User Behavior Monitoring and Analysis System, hereinafter referred to as WD). Gridsum WD is a data product that drives the optimization of online marketing effects of enterprises and the growth of enterprise users. It covers from PC-Web websites to Mobile-mobile pages, APP (native + Hybrid), WeChat applets, Douyin applets, and Alipay. Most brand owners’ first-party platforms, such as mini programs, can provide enterprises with a set of full-process data-driven solutions from collection, modeling, storage, and analysis.

The official website of the National Centre for the Performing Arts was launched in 2007 and has been with the National Centre for the Performing Arts for more than ten years. After iterative updates, for many years, adhering to the National Centre for the Performing Arts’ mission of “people, artistry, and internationalism”, the official website of the National Centre for the Performing Arts is committed to providing netizens with authoritative and rich theater-related information and content, creating a digital art palace, and transforming elegant art. It’s within reach. The National Centre for the Performing Arts has implemented large-scale, high-standard, and normalized operations. From 2007 to 2020, a total of 10,788 commercial performances were organized, and a total of nearly 13,000 various art education performances and activities were carried out. Over the past 14 years, more than 22 million spectators have entered the National Grand Theater.

As a partner of the National Grand Theater for many years, Gridsum has always provided customers with in-depth data insights based on its technical advantages in the field of big data and artificial intelligence, and empowered the National Grand Theater’s intelligent marketing decisions. Gridsum WD has become an assistance to customers in Internet marketing An auxiliary decision-making analysis tool for income maximization. The successful renewal of the contract this time also fully reflects the National Grand Theater’s full recognition of the technical capabilities and products of the National Doubles. At present, WD WD has formed a closed loop of full-link marketing from data collection -> data insight analysis and optimization -> user management -> user access, assisting the National Grand Theater to use data to determine user operations.

Taking the two characteristic functions of WD funnel chart analysis and heat map analysis as an example, through the funnel model, National Double can help the National Centre for the Performing Arts understand every core conversion path from its official website homepage to the performance ticket page, and even to the final payment page. Step-by-step loss and conversion, and then analyze the reasons for user loss, optimize the design of the core conversion path, and improve the conversion rate of the site; through the heat map analysis, frame selection of any area in the page heat map, and drill down layers for multi-dimensional analysis , Gridsum can help the National Centre for the Performing Arts gain insights into a series of key information such as the dramas and broadcast times that users are most concerned about, and continue to support the optimization of webpage A/B test, website revision design, improve user experience and retention, and promote user conversion.

For a single customer, the WD system can handle 100 million-level PV per day, which is an important manifestation of Gridsum’s computing power advantage. Computing power drives the future. After more than 10 years of iterative updates, WD has developed into a real-time, multi-terminal user behavior analysis and user operation intelligent platform, which has served more than 600 industries such as automotive, aviation, consumer goods, justice, and industrial Internet. The top paying customers drive the optimization of corporate online marketing effects and the growth of corporate users.

In addition to its powerful computing power advantage, Gridsum also has in-depth accumulation in algorithms. Using natural language processing and knowledge graph technology, Gridsum can make machines truly solve complex problems in the industry like human experts. With computing power and algorithms, it is also necessary to be able to achieve scene-based landing in the business in order to promote industrial upgrading and modernization of governance capabilities. After 16 years of intensive cultivation and accumulation, Gridsum’s computing power and algorithms have been implemented in scenarios such as consumer goods, automobiles, airlines, industrial Internet, and smart cities. Relying on the three core advantages of computing power, algorithm, and scenario implementation, Gridsum continues to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the industry