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vivo launches Y53s: Exclusive RAM expansion technology, smooth gameplay and app surfing, priced at less than 7 million


vivo Y53s is vivo’s latest smartphone that possesses many advantages from design, performance, exclusive RAM Expansion technology and an impressive battery life in the price segment of less than 7 million VND.

vivo recently launched a new phone in the smartphone segment for young users called vivo Y53s. Although the price is less than 7 million dong, but vivo Y53s owns many technologies that can be said to be the “top of the top” today, one of which cannot be ignored. allows to increase the amount of RAM used by the machine more than the actual capacity. In addition, the advantage of vivo Y53s also comes from a trendy design, powerful configuration along with impressive battery life in the segment. Elegant design vivo Y53s inherits the advantages of appearance of more advanced vivo models such as vivo X60 Pro or vivo V21 5G. Although only made from plastic, vivo knows how to make its product line better, more friendly to the daily use of users. The machine has a glossy back, creating a luxurious feeling when held in the hand. This back is also curved to the edges for a firmer grip as well as more comfortable in the hand. The back of vivo Y53S also features a carefully designed main camera cluster, not as rough as many other product lines on the market. The camera cluster of vivo Y53s also has a design inherited from high-end models, creating eye-catching visual effects. It is thanks to such small factors that vivo Y53s is considered as one of the devices with elegant, user-friendly design in the smartphone segment for young users today. Configuration is not top, but technology is always at the forefront As a mid-range product line, vivo Y53s possesses a performance that is just enough to use, just enough to meet the needs from basic to gaming thanks to the MediaTek Helio G80 chip. vivo Y53s can still “fight” smoothly some of the most popular games today such as PUBG Mobile, Lien Quan Mobile, Wild Rift Alliance … at medium graphics. It’s about performance, the strength of vivo Y53s comes from a completely new technology that at the moment, only vivo’s smartphones are applying this technology to improve the performance of the device. This technology is called Virtual RAM (Extended RAM) and has been applied by vivo on many models, most recently vivo X60 Pro, V21 5G and this time vivo Y53s. With Extended RAM technology, vivo will use part of the storage memory of the Y53s as temporary “virtual” RAM (specifically 3GB), thereby upgrading the used RAM capacity of the device to 11GB. (plus 8GB of real space), greatly improving the multitasking ability of vivo smartphones. According to vivo, users can use up to 15 applications at the same time without experiencing app reloading for a long time. Extended RAM technology is a new technology that is currently only applied on vivo smartphones. Currently, vivo Y53s is the cheapest smartphone to apply this technology, and is also a smartphone that is highly appreciated for its performance in the price segment of less than 7 million. Huge 5000mAh battery comfortably use all day long Besides an appreciated processing performance, vivo Y53s also offers an impressive battery life thanks to the high-end 5000mAh capacity battery. With a large battery, the Y53s can fully meet a continuous battery life for a long day, from playing games, watching movies to taking photos, vivo Y53s all give an extremely impressive battery life. Specifically, users can play PUBG continuously for 7 hours, or watch HD movies continuously for 14 hours without fear of interruption. 18W fast charging technology continues to be an advantage of vivo Y53s when it only takes about 1.4 hours to fully charge the 5000mAh battery, and can charge 70% of the battery within 41 minutes. 64MP camera captures every moment As a smartphone for young people, the camera is an indispensable factor on vivo Y53s. The device is equipped with a 3-camera cluster including a 64MP main camera, 2MP depth camera and 2MP macro camera, comfortably capturing many different schools of photography such as landscape, portrait, macro or street. Not to mention vivo Y53s also comes with a 16MP selfie camera on the front, combined with interesting filters from the device’s camera application, users can completely “live virtual” anytime, anywhere with vivo Y53s. In the price segment below 7 million, vivo Y53s is considered a hard-to-miss choice for young users. It features exclusive technologies that enhance the user experience such as Extended RAM Technology, comes with an elegant, youthful design and an impressive battery life. These are all factors that young users appreciate when choosing a new smartphone. vivo Y53s will officially “on shelves” in Vietnam market on June 14, with extremely attractive prices and many preferential programs for users.