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Apple’s privacy director reiterated its anti-iOS app sideloading stance


As part of Apple’s public relations activities on Wednesday morning, privacy director Erik Neuenschwander reiterated the company’s stance on iOS uploads. In addition to expressing his consistent opposition to surprises, he also believes that this actually reduces users’ choices. As Apple released a research report on how the App Store plans to protect users, the company’s privacy director has been explaining and defending this position to many parties. User privacy director Erik Neuenschwander said in an interview with “Fast Company” magazine that the existing form is a key part of protecting the security of iOS users. “Today, we have our technical defense, we have our policy defense, and then we also have the user’s own ingenuity. In this case, Sideloading (that is, allowing users to download and install applications from third parties by themselves) is actually The above is to eliminate the choice, users who want to directly access the application without any censorship can get this sideloading feature on other platforms today. But on the iOS platform, users understand that they cannot be tricked into a dark alley. .” He pointed out that it is in the interests of bad actors to take advantage of opportunities, especially trying to fool users into downloading their applications. “Even users who consciously believe that they only download apps from the app store, the attacker knows this very well, so they will try to convince that user that they are downloading an app from a legitimate app store, even if it doesn’t Did not happen.” “Really, you have to think very creatively, very broadly as an attacker, trying to have such a wealth of data on the devices of so many users, so no matter whether users intend to browse app stores other than Apple, they will be attacked. .” There is a view that although Apple insists on providing a curated, walled garden for iOS apps, it has not done so with Macs. Earlier, Apple’s Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi) said that the Mac’s security is not good enough and that it “does not meet this standard today.” Neuenschwander believes that the iPhone must have greater security because the way people use iOS devices is different compared to Macs. “[iPhone是]The device you carry with you, so it knows your location. Therefore, those who can attack it will get details about your life style. It has a microphone, so this microphone may appear more around you than your Mac’s microphone. “therefore,[iPhone上的]Sensitive data is more tempting for attackers. ” “We have all seen that mobile platforms, including the iPhone, are platforms where users continue to download applications,” Neuenschwander continued. “And this gives attackers more opportunities to enter and reach users. Therefore, the threat on the iOS side is much higher than the threat on the Mac side.” He concluded that Apple is “building a trusted ecosystem for millions of applications.”