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Bau Trang – ‘green oasis in the desert’


Bau Trang landscape is located in Mui Ne National Tourist Area, in the territory of Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, Binh Thuan province. This place is likened to a green oasis in the middle of a sub-desert with vast long sand dunes, rolling in succession, always attracting visitors.
Bau Trang’s natural landscape has a unique beauty with a combination of two stretches of clear blue water, called Tieu Ho (Bau Ong) and Dai Ho (Bau Ba). Located in the middle of white sand, these two water pools are also known collectively as Bau Trang. Local people also call this place Bau Sen because there are many blooming lotuses in it. The water in Bau Ba is sweeter than Bau Ong, the lotus is also more abundant and beautiful, almost blooming in all four seasons.

Tourists take souvenir photos at Bau Trang scenic spot. Photo: THIEN LOAN Bau Trang landscape is surrounded by vast sand slopes, running long after each other, interspersed with low forest trees. In the midst of the blazing sun, the soft, smooth sand dunes around the water surface appear with magical beauty. The vast sandbanks and dunes stretch up and down, taking on various shapes, changing every day and every hour due to the impact of the wind, creating new faces and shades. Even in the hot season, visitors still have a very pleasant feeling thanks to the wind carrying the scent of lotus, grass, the salty scent of the sea, etc., which blends into the cool fresh water, forming a typical rustic smell the land here. Looking down from the sand hill, you can’t help but be surprised when you see a lake that is as calm as a mirror with iridescent pink lotus. Lotus here blooms in 4 seasons, but the most beautiful is still summer. Do not miss the opportunity to see the beautiful lotus lake here. Bau Trang landscape has been uniformly protected by Binh Thuan province with an area of ​​​​371.88 hectares. In addition to the beautiful natural landscape, Bau Trang also contains many historical and cultural values ​​associated with the process of exploring, creating and building the lives of generations of local people on this land. . In 2019, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ranked Bau Trang as a national scenic relic. Many people used to be afraid that lying in the middle of the “small desert” area, Bau Trang would be gradually filled with flying sand, but the wonderful thing of nature, this “oasis” is still beautiful and captivating.