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CovidMaps – An effective Covid-19 prevention tool


Just open the CovidMaps application on the phone, people can immediately know the travel schedule of the positive patients, which areas are isolated, which areas belong to the Covid-19 patient’s home…

Map of epidemiological information is established. Look at the map to avoid “hot spots” CovidMaps is an interactive map that helps people locate and look up epidemiological information visually on the map. It helps viewers take proactive precautions when moving near high-risk areas. The map is also a useful communication channel to help authorities promptly notify people of important information when accessing the map. CovidMaps also help professional agencies easily grasp the epidemic situation and detect epidemic hotspots. Le Yen Thanh, General Director of Phenikaa Maas Technology Joint Stock Company – the Covidmaps construction unit, said that the unit built itself using bMap map technology. The CovidMaps epidemiological map is currently being deployed in 9 outbreak localities: Da Nang, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Gia Lai, Bac Giang, Vinh Phuc, Phu Yen, Thai Nguyen and Lang Son. In these localities, people only need to access http: Covidmaps. (name of province and city).gov.vn for all epidemiological information related to Covid-19 in your locality. This is an effective tool for people to prevent the spread of the disease, easy to use on smartphones, and can be accessed by anyone. Le Yen Thanh said that when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, many questions were raised and many problems solved. How to know that you have entered the epidemic area is the key to solving the next steps such as self-isolation, monitoring for signs of virus infection. In fact, the epidemiological information, the travel history of Covid-19 cases is inherently complicated. The updated data to the people is specific and regular (every 2 days), but it is still fragmentary, thus causing many difficulties in memorizing and finding the passing locations of the F0s. Tracing the journey, timely blockade, isolation at the right time is the key to cutting off the chain of infection of the virus. “Covid-19 map” on the application platform BusMap – city buses. The Covid map displays as a regular map with dots showing the locations of susceptible areas. This feature allows users to directly, easily and quickly identify places with a high risk of infection, thereby having an appropriate direction of movement, avoiding entering the epidemic area. The interface design of each map is quite easy to follow. The “stop” sign is the quarantine points, the house-shaped icon is the concentrated isolation facilities, the yellow dot icon is the patient’s home area, the + sign is a hospital and medical facility, the X sign is blockade and medical isolation areas. Each icon corresponds to the corresponding number detailed in real time. In addition, there are the number of F0 patients for the day, the number of Covid patients with updated data, and the phone number of the epidemic in the upper corner of the screen. Effective tool for epidemic prevention Mr. Le Yen Thanh said, when typing a specific address on the map, if that address is in a blockade or medical isolation area, there will be a red warning, with a specific blockade address. Patient housing areas are also highlighted in red. The map currently provides information including: Centralized isolation point, blockade area, patient’s home area, where the patient has been, where the patient has been for more than 14 days. Not stopping at a map just to see, the Covid map also recognizes whether the user’s location is coincident with an area at risk of infection. This helps users know the level of safety of their location and have an appropriate adjustment plan. Currently this feature is being widely introduced to BusMap users. During the process of being put into use, the application will actively receive feedback to improve this feature to provide the best value for people,” said CEO Le Yen Thanh. According to Mr. Le Yen Thanh, applying the epidemiological digital map to management, people can grasp epidemiological information in time, do not move to hot spots, helping to limit the spread in the community. Regarding the security of personal information, the specific information of the infected case such as address, full name is obscured. This is just the information that has been released publicly from the local epidemic prevention and control steering committee. When this data is available, the new data entry operator system is put in, because it is an official source of information, so it completely complies with the provisions of the law on personal confidentiality for infected cases. With the launch of the Covid-19 epidemiological information mapping software on May 24, Lang Son is the 9th province in the country to provide a Covid-19 epidemiological map tool to help the community monitor visually. epidemiological information of local cases through the Internet. As the first locality in the country to apply digital maps in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic in the area, Mr. Nguyen Van Quoc, Director of the Information Center for Public Services in Da Nang said: Translation information map Covid-19 epidemiology was built in August 2020 – when the first outbreak of the epidemic broke out in Da Nang and has been continuously improved since then. The data is constantly updated from reputable sources, combining both automatic and manual entry. Manual data entry is performed in cases where the addresses are not clearly identified. The biggest goal of this digital map is to help people have the most intuitive and accurate view of the Covid-19 panorama in Da Nang without having to search for individual bulletins. Le Yen Thanh said that localities in need will be free to transfer the application platform to serve the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.