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Green moss roof echoes mountains and forests


The Tay ethnic friend accepted to bring us to Khuoi My. Unexpectedly, a land in Phuong Do commune of Ha Giang city was quiet, separate in mysterious colors.
Here, the roofs on stilts are covered with moss that is easy to half a hand to mesmerize, attracting strangers’ soul, wild birds singing from morning to afternoon. Along the two sides of the road, the flowers quietly bloom and die in the mist, the scent lingering. Having just met the customer, the people of Dao Ao Dai were excited, sparkling, but still let out a regretful words: “Fun is fun, always happy, but why not up in the season of ripe rice?”. Now, the mountain forest is full of mist, the fog is full, rising in every eye.

Illustrations: LE ANH. The road from the Tay village to Khuoi My, the village of the Ao Dai Dao is not very far, nor is it entangled with a steep and steep pass. The charming curves tighten the waist, slowly slack like an indigo lap. At times, the ears also buzzed, the neck was cold, but the clouds were able to calm them. The clouds here are warm like kitchen smoke in my friend’s house, wrapped around the body, hugging the mountain. Thanks to the altitude and humidity, which is different from other localities in the region, the roofs on stilts in Khuoi My are mostly green and mossy. The moss from year to year is good, and when you go inside, it feels warm like a blanket of heaven and earth, the mountains and forests are already warmed, covering the roofs of the four seasons hidden in the smoke, wind and clouds. Khuoi My is small, dreamy as the name itself, like the embodiment of the mountain girl. There are a few dozen households in the whole village, taking a short walk is the end of the day, everyone whose voice is strong, speaking at the beginning of the village, the end of the village is clear. Many people still say that the green on the roofs here often evokes feelings of sadness and regret. Those who come, go and return to this place will see a different moss color in each season. The moss green was darker, deeper, the blanket felt on the roofs heavier by the pain and attachment. I personally do not have that feeling. I find love, tolerance and protection very close, warm, peaceful, and peaceful. In the green color of young moss, the yellow color of the old moss is wilting and peeling, there is the warmth of mountains, clouds and the air radiating from each roof. The house where the whole village has joined hands to support each other since childhood. Nobody rented, bought or sold anything. Every house built a house, carved the whole village to make the roof. The tighter the roof, the more durable the sentiment. People cut palm leaves to dry, someone sharpens something, someone knocked on that, for a while they should have a home. The visitors arrived, the man of Dao Ao Dai ethnic group still kept his hands on a big cast iron pan. He looked back excitedly pointing to the seat for the guests, mourning: “Try to wait for this batch, we will invite tea!”. His family has made tea for many generations, harvested from the old Shan Tuyet tea tree, the body is as big as two embracing adult arms. People who want to pick tea have to wear the baskets on their backs, and take half a day to climb the mountain. The drinking table made from a forest log has dozens of different pots in size, style, and material. It seems that enjoying tea in mountainous regions is also very meticulous, no less next to other regions. This white tea is as white as snow, still with curved leaves, plump buds. This tea bar is thinner, the background is radiating in the warm terracotta. In addition to the “tea tools” made of wood, bamboo, and all kinds of terracotta pots, porcelain, and china, there are also pots of cymbidium, mountain ginseng covered with purple and turquoise cotton buds. I do not know if it is thanks to “rewarding” the delicate, pure tea flavor every day, but coming to Cymbidium, mountain ginseng, the plants that only like to stick deeply rooted in the source are still healthy, green but flowering, buds. Only at the tea table, we saw the harmony of yin and yang, the people who enjoyed the tea were more serene and more relieved. Tea infused, the host slowly raised a small cup with both hands to invite guests, the guests called to the kitchen to invite his wife to enjoy tea. The woman rubbed her wet eyes from the smoke of the kitchen. Women in this region have very beautiful skin, are always tense, red, with slightly freckled cheeks, sting marks, but also adorn their beauty to become salty, deep. On the head of the Ao Dai woman, her hair is neatly buned at the nape of her neck, above her forehead is skillfully wrapped around like a brim of a crimson hat, blue fringes are hanging above. The beauty is like a small portrait, with wild banana petals holding green stamens waiting for the day to come, gently covering her silky black hair, and above that, green moss-like roofs like the echoes of mountains and forests.