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Growing organic cantaloupe is quite profitable


Recently, the model of organic melon cultivation has been applied by farmers in Hong Ngu district, bringing economic efficiency. In particular, cantaloupe products are always consumed at stable prices. This is considered a promising economic model for people in upstream areas, which have strengths in producing safe vegetables, tubers and fruits.

An area of ​​1,000m2 of melons is grown in a membrane house, applying advanced farming techniques according to Israel’s high technology, using organic fertilizers, misting irrigation of the Cooperative for Production and Consumption of Safe Vegetables Long Thuan, Hong District Ngu, after more than 70 days of cultivation, has now started harvesting to supply the market. In this crop, the weather is favorable, the melon yield is about 3.5 tons/1,000m2, of which the weight of each fruit is 1.7 – 2.5kg. With the selling price of 40,000 VND/kg, minus investment expenses, the cooperative earned a profit of over 20 million VND. In particular, the pairs of melons planted with pictures, engraved letters according to orders for double profits. Currently, in Hong Ngu district, some farmers have boldly converted traditional farming methods to organic farming to meet market demand. Investing in a membrane house to grow melons is initially costly (several tens of millions of dong/house, depending on the area) but in return, it limits pests and diseases, and produces safe products, so the cultivation efficiency after each crop is nearly high. twice that of the outside.