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GS E&C Group (Korea) welcomes the growth of the Vietnamese market


GS E&C Group built a factory to manufacture elevators & escalators in Dong Nai, providing global quality products throughout Vietnam and the world.
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According to the representative in charge of the global elevator industry of GS E&C Group (Korea), the demand for elevators will continue to grow in the near future due to the positive push from the economy in general and the market. construction and real estate market in particular in Vietnam. Every year, tens of thousands of elevators are put into operation and this number shows no sign of stopping. To access this potential market, GS E&C Group built a factory to manufacture elevators & escalators in Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province. The group has put the most modern Korean technology production line into operation, producing elevators in the high-end segment with a speed of up to 7 meters per second. To be proactive in terms of technology and quality, the group has developed a research center with a large force of Korea’s leading elevator experts engaged in the entire research, design and production process, ensure that elevators and escalators are suitable and meet domestic and export standards and regulations. At the same time, building an elevator test tower with a journey higher than 100m right in the GS Vietnam – VGSI elevator factory in Dong Nai, this is considered a solution to ensure safety and quality criteria for high-speed ranges. Levels and loads in the elevator must be tested at this tower before being shipped to supply high-rise projects in Vietnam and the world. Improve strong technology VGSI elevators & escalators are designed with the aim of optimizing usability features, being simple in operation but still ensuring optimal aesthetics. Exquisite & spacious interior, integrated with modern, fast intelligent control technologies, intuitively simple to use, increasing convenience, making users comfortable. VGSI elevators are installed with a multi-stage air purification system to help remove large dust particles, using an activated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors and other harmful gases in the elevator, preventing particles from entering the elevator. fine dust by HEPA technology. UV germicidal lamps and anti-virus handrails are also installed, contributing to the general cleaning of the air environment inside the elevator cabin. Innovation in after-sales service operations – future trend GS Elevator Vietnam – VGSI is entering the digital era 4.0 and is gradually changing the way elevator manufacturers provide maintenance services in the future. In order to improve the safe and reliable operation of elevators & escalators, VGSI installed a system for real-time operation of elevators and escalators. This system connects to elevators and escalators on the GMS/Internet cloud platform. This strong connection helps to predict the problem of elevator equipment, immediately the technician is there to handle it before the customer calls to report the problem. This system also helps to track the history of repair and replacement requests in the day, week, month, year as well as track down to the minute response time of elevator & escalator services provided by VGSI. . Focusing on elevator & escalator performance, we apply ZeMS solution which is a preventive maintenance system that will soon help engineers predict the life of equipment to come up with repair solutions. Repair and upgrade effective elevators & escalators. Besides, we have been setting up warranty & maintenance centers for elevators and escalators within a travel radius of only a few minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes in many provinces and cities throughout the country, Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang…etc., as well as set up repair, warranty & maintenance centers right in the building where GS Vietnam – VGSI strategically cooperates and provides elevators like high-class apartment buildings Phuc Dat Tower Connect 2, Van Phuc City urban area, factories with extremely large production capacity in Bac Ninh Industrial Park, Bac Giang, Vinh Phuc … etc. Recently, to promote business activities, GS Vietnam – VGSI signed a cooperation agreement with Phuc Dat Group. Accordingly, GS Vietnam – VGSI will set up warranty office at Phuc Dat Tower project (Binh Duong) and support business in introducing the project to about 500 of its experts working in Nhon Trach area. , Di An, HCMC…. GS E&C Group is ranked 44th globally in construction & real estate. The Group has focused on the combination of smart technology (Smart Technology) and green factor (Green Factor) as the foundation to create valuable products. GS E&C is a pioneer in sustainable growth with product lines and technology development orientation in the future.