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Guangyao Wanglaoji continues to make efforts to cultivate the market to help Guizhou alleviate poverty


In recent years, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea under the Guangyao Group has insisted on focusing on consumers, continuously improving the consumption experience of products, brands and culture, and further exploring new consumption scenarios, which has aroused good response in terms of market exploration and brand cultivation.

Not only that, Wanglaoji also continued to work hard to nurture the market for new products such as Ning Ji, Coconut Juice and Walnut Dew. It is understood that the sales of Ci Ning Ji series products developed to help the development of Guizhou Ci Pear industry exceeded 500 million yuan last year. This year, Wang Lao Ji further carried out omni-channel distribution and increased Ci Ning Ji’s full-employment marketing to help Guizhou alleviate poverty last year. On the basis of tackling tough problems, continue to carry out rural revitalization work. At present, the sales of Ci Ning Ji series products have achieved rapid growth, and the sales in the first quarter of this year were five times that of the same period last year.
In February of this year, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group took the lead in establishing the country’s first rural revitalization fund-Guang Pharmaceutical Group “Ci Ning Ji” billion rural revitalization fund. Guangzhou Wanglaojida Health Industry Co., Ltd. also placed its first landing project in Huishui County, and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on rural revitalization with the Huishui County government. The two parties jointly integrate advantageous resources. On the one hand, they promote the construction of the Prickly Pear Industry Science and Technology Innovation Center, the “Good Flower Red Prickly Pear Cultural Origin Village”, training courses for new farmers, and the Prickly Pear planting base. Cultural promotion, dedicated to building Huishui into a model county for helping rural revitalization.
On April 14, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Zunyi Municipal Government. The cooperation included the creation of a “red culture + rural revitalization + learning and training” characteristic tourism business, the development of large health products and the connection of production and sales, and the creation of standardization of Chinese medicinal materials Planting bases, carry out brand, technology, and capital cooperation in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and explore the cooperative development of medical and health care industries.
Over the years, Wanglaoji has exerted the red spirit, craftsmanship and struggle spirit of the century-old brand, pioneering and forging ahead, and determined to innovate. While leading the trend of China’s health drink consumption, he actively participated in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. The development of national beverages with Chinese characteristics. On the eve of May 1st this year, Wanglaoji Health Company also successively won the title of “National May 1st Labor Certificate” and “Guizhou Province Advanced Collective for Poverty Alleviation”.
In the next five years, Guangyao Group will further implement the leadership of party building, march towards the Fortune Global 500, and build a world-class biomedicine and health company with unique industrial characteristics and distinctive culture.
This year, with the development theme of “The Year of Party Building and Strong Enterprise”, Guangyao Group will conduct party history learning and education to gather development and joint efforts to become stronger, better, bigger and more prosperous Southern Medicine, Big Health, Big Business, and Big Medical 4 Focusing on the major business sectors, we will actively develop the two growth businesses of fashionable Chinese medicine (Chinese medicine +) and health e-commerce, and explore the two cultivation businesses of animal health and health finance, and strive to achieve a good start for the “14th Five-Year Plan”