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Ho Son conditioning lake – genuine check-in coordinates of young people from ‘yellow flowers on green grass’


Besides the Twin Towers, O Loan lagoon, recently Ho Son lake is one of the check-in places to attract young people in Phu Yen.
The artificial lake of Ho Son, located near Tran Phu Street (Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province) is becoming a destination that attracts a large number of young people. It is known that the lake was built with an area of ​​​​about 20 hectares to help drain, prevent flooding, and regulate the climate. In addition, the space around the lake is also focused on decorative investment, thus creating a “virtual living” space as beautiful as a corner of the West sky.

Photo: Thinh Gia Pham Seen from above, the lake looks like clouds flying over Chop Chai mountain. When walking around the lake, you will find countless beautiful photo angles. The highlight of this project is the bridge across the lake, which is also one of the background The most expensive photography. Photo: Phuong Quynh If you are not interested in taking pictures but just want to find a place to go for a walk to watch the sunset, the lakeside location is the most ideal place. Because here, the roads are built in a winding style combining the pillars sitting along the lake to create a poetic and romantic beauty just like Korean movies. “Entering the Ho Son air-conditioned lake is completely free of charge, but also free to live virtual. The ideal time is from 7:00 am to 8:30 am because at this time the weather is still cool and quite empty, suitable for photography. If you love the sunset, you can come here in the afternoon from 16:30, it’s still sunny at this time, but surely the set of photos will be born with the sunset light.” Phuong Quynh’s friend shared. Photo: pttsang28 On a free weekend afternoon, if you don’t know where to go in Phu Yen, let’s go with your close friends to go to the lake to go for a walk, admire the scenery and take some pictures together. check-in be here!