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HUAWEI CLOUD joins forces to build a 5G digital film and television creation cloud platform


On June 13, the opening ceremony of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival “One Belt One Road” Film Week and the 3rd Shanghai·China Film and Television Technology Innovation Summit were successfully held in Shanghai International Tourism Resort. At the launching ceremony of the Film Week, the “5G Digital Film and Television Creation Cloud Platform” jointly created by Huawei Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Mingluo Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd., supported by Shanghai International Tourism Resort and under the guidance of the China Institute of Film Science and Technology, was officially launched and The results of the release phase will also be displayed on the film festival market.

5G digital film and television creation cloud platform officially launched

The “5G Digital Film and Television Creation Cloud Platform” covers all aspects of film and television creation, including pre-creative, mid-term shooting, post-production, and distribution derivatives. It is a full-process digital service platform for film and television production, opening up the creation of scene applications and industrial ecology on the digital content cloud. Help Shanghai build a 5G digital film and television innovation application demonstration zone. At present, 5G Digital Film and Television Creation Cloud is accelerating its deployment in the shared space of Pudong International Film and Television Industrial Park. It is expected to be trial-commercialized in the post-production head enterprise project in the second half of the year. It will be opened to the domestic film and television market early next year, which will create a demonstration and leading significance for Pudong. The highland of the digital film and television industry cluster.

Driven by improved quality requirements, changes in computing models, and technical system support, digitization and virtualization technologies are promoting the overall cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of the film and television industry, and it has become an inevitable trend for film and television content production and production to go to the cloud. Cloud-based production is an important and iconic action to promote the digital reengineering of the film industry and improve the overall level of the film industry’s modernization. The production of film and television content on the cloud requires the real integration of the industrialized system of the tool chain on the cloud, and the use of faster and better network, storage, computing and other infrastructures to achieve stronger graphics processing capabilities and smarter auxiliary capabilities, and at the same time Establish an open and safe innovation ecological environment, protect the creative content of film and television creation, and support the development of the ecosystem.

Based on more than 30 years of accumulation in the field of audio and video technology and rich cloud service experience, HUAWEI CLOUD provides infrastructure to meet the requirements of film and television content production, including a high-speed read and write file system, support 4K/8K resolution, 32-bit Cloud workstations with true-color non-destructive display and meeting the requirements of different film and television productions can change and improve the efficiency of film and television production through efficient, agile and open cloud native infrastructure, powerful computing power and flexible storage resources. Mingluo Technology uses the sharing of talents, digital assets, industrial resources, space and equipment to create a film and television cultural and creative ecosystem based on film and television technology as its core services. Shanghai is the birthplace of Chinese film and the highland of cultural industry and film and television content production industry. It is committed to becoming a bridgehead for cultural exchanges and mutual learning between the East and the West, and a bridgehead for Chinese culture to go out. It has the ability to become a benchmark for national film and television production and production. The foundation of the entire industrial chain.

Fang Hongda, General Manager of Shanghai Huawei Cloud, delivered a speech

Fang Hongda, general manager of Shanghai Huawei Cloud, said that in the future, to support continuous innovation in the industry, Huawei Cloud will continue to invest in basic technology research, strengthen the research and development of key root technology capabilities such as digital content modeling, real-time rendering, and virtual production on the cloud to help partners achieve More efficient cloud production will help film production companies realize the entire industry chain “on the cloud” and realize remote collaborative “cloud” production; Huawei Cloud also hopes to continue to cooperate with the Shanghai International Tourism Resort Management Committee and the China Institute of Film Science and Technology , Shanghai Mingluo Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd., and various industry alliances work together to formulate standards for film and television production on the cloud, reshape the production process, release productivity, and drive the industry to develop in a creative-centric direction; at the same time, through the cloud, establish A more open and safe innovative ecological environment to realize the convergence, management and sharing of digital assets, together with partners and all video practitioners, to promote the industrialization of China’s film and television industry.

On June 23, HUAWEI CLOUD TechWave Cloud Native Media Service Special Day will be held online. Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Counselor and National First-Class Director Jiang Haiyang, and Shanghai Mingluo Film Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Jiang Chuanrong will share cloud technology with film and television. The impact of production, as well as the background and progress of cooperation on the 5G digital film and television creation cloud platform. More cloud-native media service innovative technologies and rich practices will also meet with you, so stay tuned!