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Meizu full smart watch MEIZU Watch evaluation: balanced experience, do “full smart”


On May 31st, at the Meizu Smart Life Conference, Meizu’s first true smartwatch, the Meizu full smartwatch MEIZU Watch, was officially released. The reason why it is called “full smartwatch” is because as early as 2018 In 1988, Meizu also released a “light smart watch MIX”, which has the appearance of a traditional watch and can be used to record steps, find mobile phones, call calls, and remind messages. However, this time the Meizu full smart watch MEIZU Watch is not only as simple as recording the number of steps and finding the phone, it is a smart watch in the true sense that can be separated from the smart phone and run independently.

All Meizu smart watches are equipped with Flyme for Watch independently developed based on Android 8.1 system, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, 1+8GB storage, standard eSIM for all systems, built-in NFC chip, support Meizu Pay, and can be used with mobile phones. Connect and collaborate to achieve many linkage functions, and it can also be used independently from the mobile phone to complete practical operations such as answering calls, sending short messages, and independently surfing the Internet.

The Internet of Everything is the general trend. Especially in this 5G era, smart phones are no longer the only smart devices around consumers. All smart hardware manufacturers are emphasizing ecological construction, and smart watches have naturally become another launch of hardware manufacturers. Strength focus. The release of Meizu’s all-smartwatches not only strengthens Meizu’s IoT ecosystem, but also has a greater significance in that for Meizu users, they finally have the most suitable choice of smart wearable devices.

Part 1: Appearance Design

The Meizu full smartwatch adopts a traditional square design. When it comes to square watches, everyone can easily think of Apple’s Apple Watch. In fact, Meizu full smartwatch and Apple Watch still have a very big difference in design. Apple Watch takes The rounded route, while the Meizu full smartwatch is a little tougher, especially in the middle frame area without breakpoints, the CNC metal chamfer makes it exude a completely different temperament. In terms of ID technology, Meizu’s all-smartwatch adopts a glass cover + aluminum alloy middle frame + ceramic back cover design. The overall size is 46×38.4×12.97mm (including heart rate bumps), and the weight of the watch strap is 69g, which is acceptable. , Wearing for a long time will not produce too obvious feeling of falling. The Meizu full smartwatch uses 46mm large curvature Corning Gorilla Glass, equipped with front 2.5D glass and frame, with a 326 PPI custom AMOLED screen with four sides of equal width, and the maximum screen brightness is 500nits. On the side of the middle frame is the only button on the fuselage. The function of the buttons can be customized in the settings. The buttons slightly protrude from the middle frame of the fuselage, and the microphone opening is underneath. On the left side of the symmetrical middle frame, there are two elongated speaker openings for calls, music playback and notification reminders. As for the strap, it is made of fluorine rubber, which supports quick disassembly and assembly, and the wearing method is a bit similar to that of Apple Watch. It’s a pity that all Meizu smart watches don’t support wireless charging, but fortunately they are equipped with a detachable charging base. One cable can meet the charging needs of mobile phones and watches at the same time. In addition, the mCharge of Meizu mobile phones has also been brought to the watch. It is said that it has a “45-minute full-charge experience, 15-minute charge for all-day commute support”. After the experience of the IT house, it is also found that the mCharge of the Meizu watch does not seem to have too high requirements for the charging head. Part 2: System Experience Meizu’s all smart watches are equipped with Flyme for Watch, which is independently developed based on Android, and did not choose Wear OS. This approach is similar to OPPO Watch. It is a magic change to Android. After all, Wear OS in the domestic market is not only facing the problem of unacceptable water and soil. Meizu’s smartwatches choose to develop Flyme for Watch, which is very commendable. Although Meizu’s all-smartwatch has just been released, Meizu still prepares many styles of dials for consumers to choose from, including numbers, pointers, kaleidoscopes, pixels, planets, etc., in various styles, and small dial components are also available. Any combination can basically meet the aesthetic needs of users. Of course, you can also use your own picture as the dial. For this reason, Meizu smartwatch also brings two different photo dial styles. One can customize the function widgets, and the other is directly on the photo. display time. Because of the advantage of “smartness”, Meizu’s all smart watches have built-in more than ten different styles of dials. If you choose other dials on the App side, the watch can also be “synchronized in seconds.” In terms of system interaction, swipe left and right to switch between different styles of dials, underscores are notifications, and on the dials are shortcut control bars, including WiFi, data, flight mode, power saving mode, sleep mode, brightness, phone search, drainage, etc. , The function is relatively comprehensive, but only the “settings” switch is missing, so every time you make related settings, you need to enter the App interface to find the settings button. If it can be added to the shortcut control bar, the operation is obviously more convenient. In the function interface, Meizu Smart Watch presents all functions on the dial irregularly in three rows in the form of icons. The middle icon is slightly larger and higher, and the icons on both sides are slightly smaller and lower. When you swipe quickly, these icons It will appear on the dial in the form of “small-big-small” with transition animation, which is very dynamic. In addition, the refresh rate of Meizu’s smartwatch screen has reached 60FPS, and it is not locked at 30FPS. Therefore, the interactive experience is very smooth. Whether it is opening the App or returning to the desktop or switching the dial, you will not feel the stutter at all. Meizu all smart watches also provide a power saving mode. In this mode, power saving is really power saving, but the functions are simple and simple. There are no steps or notifications (because the mobile phone has been disconnected), and only a time display is provided. Function, of course, this also realizes that 10% power can extend the battery life by 12 hours, and it is ok to respond to low power. Meizu all-smart watches provide a lot of functions, such as countdown, calendar, weather, music, etc., the most basic ones are not mentioned here, but it needs to be emphasized. Meizu all-smart watches are equipped with Flyme for Watch, which is a real one. It is a real smart watch, so some basic functions are completely independent. In other words, even if the phone paired with it is not around, as long as your Meizu smart watch is connected to the Internet, you can still use it to check future weather and other information . Meizu smart watches can also remotely control Meizu phones to take pictures. The watch will display the screen of the phone camera in real time, but it only supports taking pictures. It lacks a video button. Manually switch the phone to video mode. At this time, the watch also displays video. Obviously this It is an interactive logic problem, which is hoped that the system will be updated and optimized later. Meizu all-smart watches provide an app store. Although Flyme for Watch has just met with consumers, there are many third-party apps in the app store, including Air Travel, Baidu Maps, QQ, Alipay, NetEase Cloud Music, and Yuepaohuan. , Tencent Translator, Te Nengxing and other apps are available, and also support App upgrade and uninstallation. Note that there is also no WeChat in the Flyme for Watch app store (this cannot be blamed on Meizu, you have to find Tencent). Take QQ and NetEase Cloud Music as examples. Although it is a watch version App, fortunately, “Sparrow is small and complete”, it has all the necessary functions, such as QQ can chat, watch space, post news, add friends, etc.; NetEase Cloud Music can search for songs, listen to songs to recognize music, my favorites, my downloads, and local music. The watch version of the App is more for emergency use when the mobile phone is inconvenient to use. For example, in the gym, the mobile phone is inconvenient to take. At this time, Meizu’s full smart watch can temporarily replace the mobile phone. But I really don’t recommend that you use it to type and chat with friends on a small screen. Let’s not talk about the font size, you can drive you crazy just by typing in text, or you can use your mobile phone if you don’t use voice input. ! This app is also worth mentioning. Meizu Flyme for Watch also has in-depth cooperation to control smart cars with a watch. If you are a Tesla owner who happens to be a Meizu full smart watch user, you can experience the watch. End control the car experience. In terms of battery life, according to official data, the battery life of Meizu’s all-smartwatch is as long as 36 hours under full power. According to the actual experience of IT House, under normal circumstances, it takes almost a day and a half to charge. For a charge, if your application is a little more complicated, such as frequent use of the watch to remotely control the phone to take pictures, the battery life will be shorter, but fortunately, the charging is faster, and the entire watch can be filled in 45 minutes. In order to ensure better battery life, the system will automatically turn off the WiFi after 3 minutes of not using the wireless network (only 2.4GHz frequency band). Of course, this is not a problem after you activate the eSIM service, but the author did it in the past few days. In the test, because the eSIM was not activated, WiFi was frequently turned on. Here, it would be better if the user could decide whether to turn on the option of “Automatically turn off WiFi in 3 minutes”. Part Three: Sports Health When Meizu built a health detection system for Meizu smartwatches, it had a definite goal, that is, to achieve all-weather health monitoring capabilities, which required a set of powerful detection hardware and health algorithms. For this reason, Meizu found Meixin As a partner, we have jointly created a health monitoring system for Meizu’s full smartwatch. Blood oxygen saturation is an important indicator for measuring vital signs. The blood oxygen index can reflect the level of cell metabolism on the side. Relying on the built-in blood oxygen sensor and blood oxygen algorithm, Meizu smart watches support users’ all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring. In addition, such as blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, pressure monitoring and sleep monitoring all support all-weather monitoring, and can automatically enter the SOS emergency contact interface when the heart rate is abnormal. Similarly, pressing the side button 5 times can also automatically call the emergency contact . On the “Meizu Wear” App, you can view your various data, including steps, activity consumption, exercise duration, standing activity, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, pressure, breathing, etc., but only the lack of sleep records , The sleep record can only be viewed on the watch side. I hope that the later App update can quickly access the sleep data. In terms of sports and health, Meizu’s full smartwatch supports more than ten kinds of active sports recognition, including running, cycling, walking, table tennis, badminton, rope skipping, mountain climbing, etc. More sports modes will be launched in the future. On the watch side, you can view your real-time exercise status, such as exercise time, steps, distance, calories and other data, and the App side will also record it simultaneously. Meizu’s all smart watches have built-in independent GPS (including GPS, GLO, BDS, QZSS), so it can also realize positioning during exercise without the mobile phone. On the App side, currently “Meizu Wearable” only supports Android phones, and the iOS version of the App has not yet been developed, so it is recommended that Android phone users start with this product. to sum up: As Meizu’s first true smartwatch product, Meizu’s full smartwatch has a very high degree of completion. Its advantage lies in its balanced experience under “full intelligence”, such as independent calls, third-party apps, sports health monitoring, and fast charging. There are everything, and the overall performance is no worse than the current mainstream products. Of course, there may be some imperfections in the interaction logic, but we also have to give Meizu more time and confidence, after all, everything can be OTA. All in all, for Meizu mobile phone users, the release of Meizu’s all-smart watches finally gives them the most suitable smart wear option, no need to consider other brands. With the growth of Meizu’s smart ecology, this Meizu priced at 1499 yuan All smart watches will also exert greater value