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Original inventory|Swim in these VR space games and enjoy the charm of the universe and galaxy!


(VRPinea, June 21) On June 17, 2021, the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft completed an autonomous rapid rendezvous and docking with the core module of Tianhe. Three astronauts entered the core module one after another. This is my country Entered its own space station for the first time and achieved a major leap in the aerospace industry.

Aerospace is actually a costly and very cumbersome project. Therefore, VR technology is also mostly used in the aerospace field. For example, the use of VR technology computer statistical simulation to reproduce the space shuttle and flight environment in VR, so that the pilots are in virtual Flight training and experimental operations in space have greatly reduced the experimental expenses and the risk factor of the experiment.

Whenever Mr. P sees news about aerospace and aviation, we are very excited. As ordinary people, we often look up at the stars and desire to travel in space. It is precisely this way that mankind has never stopped exploring the universe. With the continuous maturity and popularization of VR-related technologies, today’s VR technology is more and more widely used in the aerospace field. In this article, Mr. P and a wave of hotspots recommend 6 VR games about space simulation, interstellar battle, etc. Let’s enjoy the charm of the vast universe together. “Apollo 11” Developer: Immersive VR Education Ltd. platform : Steam, Oculus Quest supporting device : Oculus Quest/Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR Price: $72 “Apollo 11” is VR experience game with Apollo landing on the moon as the background . It is not so much a game as it is a documentary. The game starts with the moon landing plan, allowing players to play as one of the moon landing astronauts, starting from the earth and finally landing on the moon. Interspersed with several recordings of historical facts, as well as interviews with old astronauts who participated in the project. If you score it solely on the quality of the documentary, this is definitely an excellent film. Players can feel the atmosphere of excitement and worry among the astronauts before boarding the plane, and players can also experience the wonder of the spaceship flying out of the atmosphere and the darkening outside the window. All this thanks to VR, let people experience a “real” space travel like never before. There will be no exaggerated special effects, no thrilling plot changes, everything is just like what happened at the beginning, the player, as an astronaut, landed on the moon surrounded by rigorous and sophisticated scientific instruments. “ADR1FT” Developer: Three One Zero platform: Oculus Quest, Steam supporting device: Oculus Quest/Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, PSVR Selling price :¥68 “ADR1FFT” is a Space Survival Sandbox Game In the game, the player plays an astronaut. A nightmare experience leads to damage to the space shuttle. The protagonist has to fight a life and death contest in the vast outer space. The protagonist must survive and accept his fate. The game restores an endless vast space. Players must build their own facilities and conduct dangerous explorations to survive. Players feel that a strong threat is nearby. Game adoption First-person perspective , The player must explore the wreckage of the ship in the weightless space, look for scarce resources, and overcome the challenges of the difficult environment to repair the damaged emergency escape vehicle and return to the earth safely. In addition to survival, players must also find the cause of this tragedy. The scenes in the game are restored to reality, and the visual effects are amazing, allowing people to experience the charm of the vast universe. The game has rich and interesting game settings, giving players a strong sense of experience. “Universe Sandbox 2 VR” Developer: Giant Army platform: Steam supporting device : Oculus Quest/Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR Price: $90 “Universe Sandbox 2 VR” is a Space simulation game. The player becomes the master of the universe, creating or destroying various planets and even galaxies in the universe. The game can simulate gravity in real time, allowing players to change the climate of a certain planet, and even simulate planetary collisions such as Mars hitting the earth. Players can also try to turn a planet into a supernova and create their own planet with rocks, water, iron and other materials. Even the difficult phenomenon of Jiuxing Lianzhu can be easily created. This game allows players to become the creators of the world, as long as they can think of it, they can arrange the planets into various shapes according to their wishes. Some players even transform Mars into a blue planet suitable for human habitation through atmospheric control and ground modification. . The game screen is very realistic and stunning, comparable to science fiction blockbusters. “Elite: Dangerous” Developer: Frontier Developments platform: Steam supporting device: Oculus Quest/Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR Price: $191 “Elite: Dangerous” is based on 1:1 real-scale real Milky Way as the background , With the help of process generation technology, almost infinitely generated star systems (about 400 billion). At the beginning of the game, players will have a free initial spaceship: Sidewinder and an initial capital. The goal of the game is to do your best to gain more wealth, fame, and power above the “elite” players. Whether it’s hunting through ordinary trade, bounty, or becoming a pirate, or even getting rewards through assassination work, you can. In addition, the game has added a multiplayer wingman formation mode. Players can either cooperate or become competitors or even mortal enemies. In the game, the player will not be fixed on a specific role like a traditional role-playing game, and there is no skill point that directly affects the behavior of the role. On the contrary, the player will always control his character, and the player’s own skills will determine the outcome of the interaction. The reputation system will affect the attitude of NPCs and other players towards the player, and even affect the ownership of rights in the galaxy. The entire universe will be affected and changed by the player’s every move. “Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay” Developer: ILMxLAB platform: Steam supporting device: HTC Vive, Valve Index Price: free “Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay”, literally translated as “Star Wars: Robot Repair Station” , Is a VR game related to Star Wars. The background of the game is the era after “Star Wars: The Jedi Strikes Back”. We can see many new types of robots, including the BB-8, which has countless fans in Star Wars 7. In the experience, the user will be teleported to the “General Leia” spacecraft. Players will play the role of a repairman on the spaceship General Leah Skywalker. In the case of tight warfare, all robots on the battleship must be repaired. Including the well-known BB-8 and robots that belong to the BB series, and even many new models that have never been seen before. The Star Wars universe has always been the future world that everyone has been looking forward to. “Star Wars™: Fighter Squadron” Developer : MOTIVE platform : Steam supporting device: Oculus Quest/Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, WMR Price: $198 “Star Wars™: Fighter Squadron” is a Star Wars series of flying shooting games made by EA , In “Star Wars™: Fighter Squadron”, you can feel the realistic flying experience and master the combat art of star fighters. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy first-person multiplayer space melee with the squadron members. Players experience the thrilling single-player story after “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” from the perspective of a pilot. Experience the two factions from alternate perspectives. The iconic and emerging leaders of both sides are fighting desperately in the galaxy. In the game, players can engage in 5V5 space battles, modify their own Star Wars fighters, and adjust the members of their squadrons to adapt to different game styles and destroy opponents. The above are the 6 aerospace and aviation VR games that Mr. P brings to you. The charm of the universe is unstoppable! Although it is not yet possible to experience the vastness of the universe in person, it is good to experience it in a realistic and very realistic game. Interested friends must try it! What does the universe galaxy look like? Let us wait and see! This article is an original manuscript of VRPinea, please contact: [email protected]