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The original “born for fever” Xiaomi really “burned” this time, Xiaomi 11 staged mobile phone fried eggs


Author: Xiaopang

Source: GPLP Rhino Finance (ID: gplpcn)

Image source: Xiaomi official website

Recently, the main “Duanhechu” of station B demonstrated how to use Xiaomi mobile phone to fry eggs, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

The video titled “Xiaomi 11 Fried Eggs: Can be cooked, only a little bit cooked” shows that some egg whites and egg yolks were dripped on the back of a Xiaomi 11 mobile phone running the Moore Manor game. At about 7 minutes, the protein showed signs of denaturation and coagulation, in a state of “heartbeat”. He said that a small amount of egg liquid can be cooked completely.

The minimum temperature for denaturing egg protein is about 55 degrees. If the user is in contact with the mobile phone for a long time, only 45 degrees will cause low-temperature burns on the skin.

In response to this issue, Xiaomi responded by analyzing the various reasons that may cause the phone to heat up, and said that a special improvement team has been set up for various situations to jointly solve the problem of “phone fever”. It should be noted that Xiaomi President Lei Jun also reposted this response on social media.

Jin Fan, Xiaomi’s product director and MIUI experience general manager, said that Xiaomi’s internal analysis has been done in detail, and the fever is mainly concentrated in the following scenarios: game fever, video call fever, video fever, charging fever.

According to the analysis of the Xiaomi team, the main reasons for the fever of mobile phones include:

  1. In order to pursue the ultimate performance, the Xiaomi flagship machine uses high-specification hardware and a performance-biased scheduling method, which brings more power consumption; third-party applications continue to iteratively update, continue to increase system load, and mobile phone power consumption increase;

  2. The increase in the charging power of mobile phones has brought faster charging speeds, but it also brings the risk of heat generation;

  3. The application of the operator’s 5G SA makes some of the original power consumption optimization methods ineffective, increases the power consumption of the data network, and also increases the risk of heating.

  4. The gradual warming of the weather is also a factor in the increase in the temperature of the mobile phone (Xiaomi emphasized that this cannot be used as a reason).

    Jin Fan said that Xiaomi has set up a MIUI special team internally to conduct disassembly and analysis together and formulate corresponding optimization strategies. Each improvement has a dedicated person to follow up and implement.

It should be noted that many netizens do not buy these explanations from Xiaomi. Some netizens believe that Xiaomi explained and analyzed the reasons for the heat of the mobile phone, but did not answer why it is hotter than other mobile phone brands that use Qualcomm’s flagship chip, fast charging technology, and 5G technology. On the Black Cat Consumer Complaint Platform, a search with Xiaomi fever as a keyword showed 377 results. The problematic models were mainly concentrated in Xiaomi 11, Xiaomi 11 Ultra and Redmi K30 Extreme Edition, and the response problems were concentrated on the problem of not being hot. Normal use, WIFI and hotspots cannot be used normally. Xiaomi Mi 11 and 11 Ultra are regarded as the most proud flagship products by Xiaomi, with prices starting at 3769 yuan, while the 11 Ultra Extreme Edition models are priced at more than 6,000 yuan. At the same time, Xiaomi 11 Ultra was designated by Xiaomi as the “New Species of Android Imaging”. Since Huawei’s mobile phone market has shrunk, Xiaomi has achieved remarkable results in seizing the high-end mobile phone market. According to the data of Xiaomi’s “618 Battle Report”, Xiaomi’s mobile phone ranked No. 1 in sales of Android mobile phones on all platforms, and No. 1 in sales of Android phones on JD.com and Tmall platforms in the price range of 4,000 to 5,000 yuan. It is the Xiaomi 11 series models. If it’s caused by software, Xiaomi can solve this problem by updating it, but if it’s a design defect or hardware problem, Xiaomi may face a “return tide.” In response to this issue, GPLP Rhino Finance sought confirmation from Xiaomi, but no response was received as of press time. However, from the information released by Jin Fan, Xiaomi is ready to optimize and solve this problem for MIUI. First of all, Xiaomi will redesign the game scene, introduce intelligent stabilization technology, and give priority to ensuring frame rate stability to reduce heat generation. At present, the game frame stabilization technology has been imported into most Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform mobile phones. Secondly, Xiaomi is designing and developing a “balanced mode” that can intelligently switch the resolution and refresh rate according to different applications, and is more stringent in the control of background references. In addition, Xiaomi re-adjusted the previously developed scheduling scheme Turbo Sched, and made a differentiated scenario strategy for the adaptation network CDRX and BWP capabilities. It should be noted that Xiaomi’s current optimization efforts are aimed at Snapdragon 888 platform models. This means that the problem of heat generation and high power consumption in the Redmi K30 Extreme Edition is still unknown when it will be resolved. (This article is for reference only, does not constitute investment advice, and operates at your own risk accordingly)