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This low-key province that has been blown up by American magazines has been beautiful for thousands of years, but has been forgotten…


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It was published in the “New York Times” 52 must-visit destinations around the world in 2018 “On the list, China is the only province on the list.
It was rated as “ 50 places that people will go to in their lifetime “one.
It surpassed the happiest country Sri Lanka, Raja Ampat, and was named by Lonely Planet Top 1 best travel destination in Asia.
it is Important birthplace of Chinese civilization , Also world-famous A must pass through the Silk Road.
This is Gansu .
as the saying goes,
“If you have been to Gansu, you have walked four-fifths of China.”
One step north is the “Mongolian Plateau” rich in vegetation.
One step to the south is the sentimental “Jiangnan beyond the Great Wall.”
To the west is the “Hexi Corridor”, full of desolate relics of history.
To the east is the “Loess Plateau”, full of echoes of the golden horse and iron horse.

Gansu , Not just the silent Northwest in people’s mind. This land is blooming with infinite vitality and greenery, and a deep river of history flows. It has more enviable colors. The wild red of Danxia landform… The refreshing green of Qilian Mountain… The golden color of Populus euphratica forest in autumn… Walking on the desolate land, such color contrast is often unbelievable. This is the most special place in Gansu, but not the most powerful place. The most powerful is Eight thousand years of civilization is here . Emperor Wu of the Han pierced the Western Regions here, and the art of grottoes lasted for thousands of years. How many eminent monks spread the Dharma here… No place is more qualified to represent the glorious history of China than the Hexi Corridor. Gansu, In the eyes of foodies, it may be a bowl of Lanzhou beef noodles. In the eyes of martial arts fans, it may be a martial arts novel. This man in the northwest has responsibility, pride, and subtlety. Even the place names have a classical charm with hundreds of thousands of turns. Lanzhou, Jiuquan, Longnan, Zhangye, Wuwei, Dunhuang, Tianshui, Jiayuguan… Here, we embarked on the journey of the sea of ​​stars. Here, historical figures opened new doors. This is Gansu, a place full of legends. 01 ” Gansu’s majestic atmosphere, sometimes crazy, and sometimes peaceful landforms. Almost condensed the beauty of most of China. ” Gahai Lake As the largest freshwater lake in Gannan, it is known as the pearl on the plateau. Because of the luxuriant water and grass here, various rare birds are attracted to the grassy beach by the lake. Heihe Wetland The colors are both rich and saturated, and it is also a transit point where birds often rest when they migrate. As one of the only 45 national urban wetland parks in China, the beauty here not only attracts a large number of photographers from afar. It has been recognized as an “important wetland” internationally very early. Qilian Mountains There are treasures almost everywhere, and they are affectionately called “Wanbaoshan”. The scenery throughout the year is even more beautiful with softness. Flowers bloom all over the grassland in spring, cool in summer, and golden colors in autumn. Sangke Grassland There is a kind of natural beauty unique to Gannan, and simple Tibetan customs. There are few people and big land here, so you can explore all kinds of scenery and ways to play. Every July and August, people put up Tibetan bags on the vast grassland. Whether it is a bonfire dinner or a Tibetan meal, it is so beautiful. Minle rape blossoms It’s like a natural oil painting. Every spring, the large planted rapeseeds become a sea of ​​golden flowers, which is magnificent. Populus euphratica There are tens of thousands of acres, and a large number of tree species unique to the northwest are distributed. Every year in autumn, between the blue sky and the barren desert, it becomes a bright landscape. Zhangye Danxia It is the only scenery in the country where the colorful hills and Danxia are combined. If you want to see the most beautiful scenery of Danxia, ​​it’s best to see it after the rain or in the twilight, when the light is transparent. The clear and intertwined lines and the magnificent and changeable tones make people can’t help but admire the power of nature. Crescent Spring The existence of itself is a miracle. “Sand does not fill the spring, the spring does not run out” It is hard to imagine how Yi Wang Qingquan was quietly independent in the depths of the desert. This is probably the most beautiful scenery outside the Great Wall. Mysterious and beautiful, delicate and shocking. Yumen Pass Yadan Devil City It is a wind-eroded landform. “If you don’t see the curious appearance, you don’t know the god of good fortune” This extraordinary natural wonder is a gift from the wind and the sun over the years. The gale rushed from all corners of here, making strange noises, so it was called the “Devil City” by the locals. 02 “The Pure Land to Wash the Soul” Labrang Monastery It is a world-renowned “Tibetan Institute” and has the best Tibetan Buddhism teaching system in the country. It is also the most worth visiting place in Gannan. In the most prosperous period, there were more than 4,000 monks. Labrang Monastery means “the place where the living Buddha lives” in Tibetan, and its status in people’s hearts is evident. The passing corridor in the temple once became an existence that shocked the world. There are more than 2,000 prayer wheels, if you want to turn it all over, you have to walk for at least an hour. The magnificent temple complex is quite large in scale. If you want to have a panoramic view, cross the Xiahe from the ancient wooden bridge in the southwest corner and stand on the Buddha Tan. Langmusi It is not a temple, but a quiet and unique town in Gannan. Because of its primitive ecology and pure scenery, it is called “Little Switzerland in the East”. The children here have grown up in grasslands and temples since they were young. Zhagana It is a stone city with a strange and steep mountain, and it is also like a huge palace. Whenever the sun rises, the mountains are filled with clouds and mist, like a fairyland. The Tibetan village has always maintained the most primitive living conditions, nomadic, farming, hunting, woodcutting… In this place, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also find the peace in your heart. 03 Dunhuang·Mogao Grottoes It is the existence that will amaze and shock everyone. “When you look at Mogao Grottoes, you are not looking at a specimen that has been dead for a thousand years, but a life that has been alive for a thousand years.” After entering, it seemed to come to another mysterious world. The content of the murals seems to contain great power, including the lives of eminent monks, portraits, and fairy tales… Maiji Mountain Grottoes Probably the least famous of the four largest grottoes in China. In fact, its collections are quite amazing. With its clay sculptures, it was directly named the “Oriental Sculpture Art Gallery” by the world. Gansu Provincial Museum It is a stop in Lanzhou that must be punched in. You can skip ramen, but you must go to the museum. This is currently the most authentic museum in China, with more than 350,000 pieces of collection piece together a splendid history. Shandan Horse Farm It is the oldest royal racecourse in the world. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union Don River Racecourse, it once became the world’s top racecourse. Gansu It seems that there are not many “net celebrities” in China, but the evaluation and popularity abroad have always been very high. It was once the only province in China on the list of “52 Must-Go Destinations in the World” officially released by the “New York Times”. Traveling bacteria always feel that people owe Gansu a serious understanding. Silk Road, messenger, praying for Buddha, contention, exploration… For thousands of years, in this vicissitudes of life, many legends have been engraved. -End- “If you feel good-looking, please order one “I’m watching”.”