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Three senior citizens in Shaanxi: low presence and no more prosperous than Xi’an, but a slow pace of life and strong happiness


Every city, no matter whether it develops well or not, will have its irreplaceable beauty. This may be scenery, food, or humanity. In short, what we have to do is to choose the city that suits us best and live the old life we ​​want to live. If you are in Shaanxi, you can consider Hanzhong, Ankang, and Shangluo for the elderly, because there can make your later life happier. why? Don’t look at these cities except Hanzhong, which is slightly famous, Ankang and Shangluo are not strong, nor are they prosperous and dazzling in Xi’an, but small cities have the joy of small cities. Hanzhong. It should be recognized that Hanzhong is suitable for the elderly. Even when many people mention Hanzhong, they think of a happy and comfortable old age. Indeed, it is fully equipped with many harsh conditions for old-age life: a beautiful urban environment, a climate with four distinct seasons, convenient transportation, and rich products. Moreover, the slow pace of life, relatively low prices, profound historical and cultural heritage, etc., all prove to everyone that it is suitable for the elderly. In fact, there are really many elderly people here, and many people have come to this comfortable environment in advance to start their old-age life. At least every spring, when the rape blossoms in Hanzhong bloom, the 5A scenic spot is at the door of Hanzhong’s house in this season. Some people may worry about whether Hanzhong will become a city where the elderly gather, and whether it will lag behind in economic development. In fact, it is unnecessary. The development of the elderly care industry does not mean that other industries will lag behind. On the contrary, it will further promote their development, such as tourism and transportation. Ankang. It’s not that I am tacky. Just hearing the name Ankang makes me feel so suitable for the elderly, peace of mind and health, the best hope for the elderly life. In fact, Ankang is also very suitable for elderly care. The urban environment here is very much like a garden. Many people in Xi’an like to go here for tourism and vacation. Therefore, it is also regarded as the back garden of Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province. It should be wonderful to be able to take care of the elderly in a city like the back garden. Ankang not only has an excellent urban environment, but also has very rich tourism resources. The various historical sites are particularly dazzling, and there are still many things in common. There are many national forest parks here, making the air in the city very fresh and comfortable. In addition, Ankang is also constantly seeking development. In the future, the security provided here will become more complete and more suitable for the elderly. Shangluo. It is very close to Xi’an, and the natural development is not too bad. After all, there are many industries and economic exchanges radiating from Xi’an, but it is still slightly inferior to Ankang as mentioned above. Fortunately, this did not reduce Shangluo’s livability index. In Shangluo, we can feel the diverse atmosphere of this city. It has a majestic, heavy, peaceful, elegant, masculine and tender natural scenery; it also has a red spirit, historical and cultural allusions and other humanistic feelings. This is an intriguing city that can withstand scrutiny. In such a city, not only will you not feel bored, but on the contrary, you will have endless views and endless studies of history every day. Living in Shaanxi is already very happy. If you can live your old age in the most suitable city in Shaanxi for the elderly, you will be extremely happy. In your mind, are these three cities the most suitable for the aged in Shaanxi?