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263: Cloud Communication—New Release of Millisecond Low Latency Live Broadcast


From the first year of enterprise live broadcasting in 2018, live broadcasting has become an essential capability for enterprises; to the first year of live broadcasting marketing in 2021, enterprises recognized the value of live broadcasting and started live broadcasting marketing. In just a few years, live broadcasting broke the circle and accelerated its rapid development. At the same time, users have higher and higher requirements for the interactive experience of live broadcasts, especially for strong interactive live broadcast scenarios such as e-commerce live broadcasts and online education. Interactive experience can almost be regarded as the most critical link to measure the success of live broadcasts. The low (zero) delay live broadcast that directly upgrades the interactive experience has become the focus and future development direction of the live broadcast industry.

As low as 0.2s delay only in the blink of an eye

In order to help customers realize large-scale low-latency live broadcasts, and meet live broadcast scenes with high interactive demands such as live streaming and online education. Recently, 263 released the ultra-low latency mode of the H5 player, which provides ultra-low latency application-level solutions for multiple live broadcasts. The deeply optimized live broadcast can control the minimum delay within 0.2s, and the delay is only in the blink of an eye. No perception, truly achieve the “real-time interactive” experience.

Low-latency live broadcast empowers diverse online scenarios

Ultra-low-latency live broadcast can restore the real interactive scene to the greatest extent, transforming the live broadcast experience, and has a wealth of business application scenarios: Education and training online education scenes have always had extremely high requirements for live broadcast real-time interaction, with a low latency of 263 milliseconds. The live broadcast can not only restore the real offline classroom, and ensure the real-time interactive experience of teaching questionnaires, answering questions, voting, etc., but also introduce benign learning mechanisms such as rush answer PK, time-limited competitions, etc., so that the web side and the client can be extended in a fair manner. Feel the more interesting online learning experience in the current environment, which greatly improves the classroom teaching effect.

Live broadcast

For live streaming with goods, ultra-low-latency live streaming can greatly enhance the experience of watching and buying. The anchor can combine the interactive area to better achieve field control and interaction, so that online spikes, auctions, lotteries, and other marketing games that require high timeliness are available Stronger underlying support makes live broadcast closer to offline experience and greatly improves the conversion rate.


Event events have relatively high requirements for the delay and smoothness of live broadcasts. Ultra-low latency can greatly deepen the audience’s immersion in on-site real-time interaction, participate in scores and on-site interaction, and enhance users’ sense of participation in offline events.Multi-venue linkage

263 ultra-low-latency live broadcast can more easily help companies achieve low-latency and multiple simultaneous live broadcasts on the same screen, which can help large-scale events easily achieve real-time linkage of multiple venues, and maximize the restoration of multiple venues.

263 pursues more than just lower latency

Low-latency live broadcast is a competition in the field of enterprise live broadcast, but 263 pursues more than just lower latency. As a pioneer in the field of enterprise live broadcasting, 263 has been deeply involved in the field of Internet communications for 24 years, and has been shortlisted for 7 times in China’s Internet comprehensive strength enterprises. , Energy, E-commerce and many other industry companies live broadcast one-stop solution, covering education live broadcast, live marketing, event live broadcast, e-commerce live broadcast, financial live broadcast, medical live broadcast and many other enterprise live broadcast industry scenarios. At present, 263 has served a total of 130,000+ enterprises and 6 million+ corporate users such as Tencent, JD.com, Huawei, Alibaba, Nice Group, Pfizer, China Securities, Bank of China, etc. In the future, based on cloud video and cloud communication technology, we will open up all application scenarios in the industry, help companies realize digital communication, digital learning, digital marketing and digital services, deposit digital assets, and extend a broader digital space