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5 ways to style short hair beautiful every day


In hot weather, don’t let your hair down all day, short-haired girls should pin a few ways to create a neat and beautiful style below.

In the hot summer like this, even for short-haired girls, the “loose” hair also causes a feeling of entanglement and heat. In addition, letting your hair down all day will make the appearance of short-haired girls boring, lacking a breakthrough and new. This is the reason, it will never be superfluous when you pin the following styling tips for short hair. The secret is, these variations are all very easy to do, and give short hair a beautiful, stylish and attractive appearance. Clipped hair This is a fairly new hairstyle for many girls. Instead of forming a garlic bun, women clip the short hair behind with a few bobby pins, the hair will have a messy, liberal look that is very eye-catching and stylish. It’s pretty easy to do. First, pull the left side of your hair to the center, then fix it with two bobby pins. Then, curl the remaining hair and continue to fix it with bobby pins. Remember to leave a little bit of hair at the end to create a messy, liberal look. Finally, to keep the hair beautiful all day, you can spray glue to keep the hair in place. Double braided hair This double braid hairstyle is extremely simple. You use a thin elastic, tie the ends of the hair, and do not forget to fold it in half. Lightly spread the protruding ponytail and this detail will enhance the chic, stylish look of your hairstyle. Last but not least, you should pull the hair around the top of the head to create a messy effect, hack the bulge, the face will be more compact and look much more “charismatic”. Half scrunchie braided hair The scrunchie lanyard is still a very hot hair accessory. This item easily gives you a sweet and young look. The interesting thing is that not only long-haired girls can be friends with this accessory, women with bob hair can completely style it with hot-hit fabric ties. You take the hair of a reasonable thickness, tie it up with a scrunchie wire. To look more stylish and youthful, but no less romantic, pull some hair to create a flying effect and hack beautiful volume. Crab claw hair Hot as scrunchie, but easier to wear is the crab claw clip. Those who own short hair just need to use small crab claws, clip half of their hair and “deliberately” let their hair mess up a bit, the appearance will be very beautiful and liberal. This hairstyle also creates the perfect angle for short hair girls, creating a super beautiful virtual live image. Messy bun If your short hair is long enough, put it in a neat bun. And in a matter of seconds, you will have a bright, beautiful appearance without having to be fussy or elaborate. Source and photo: Chahong