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A year can defraud 28 billion US dollars, India is the state of phone fraud.


Two days ago, while chatting with my colleague Bob on the balcony, we talked about the recent implementation of anti-fraud in China.

Bob has an experience in the United States. He said that there are no fewer phone scams in the United States than in China. When he was in the United States, he encountered several scam calls.

For example, one day, Bob received a phone call, and he was speaking in curry-scented English, asking if Bob’s computer would occasionally freeze.

At that time, the computer Xiaobai’s computer must have this kind of problem more or less after being used for a long time.

Bob is not a computer novice, and there is nothing wrong with the computer, but he realizes that something is wrong, and wants to see what kind of show operation this buddy wants to play, so he replied “yes” out of conscience.

The other side was very happy to hear this answer, and said, “Don’t wolli, I vill help U!” (Indian accent version, don’t worry, I will help you!)

Then he started to instruct Bob to go to a website to download a certain software. Blahblah said a lot, and finally asked “You understand?”. For this kind of low-level phishing software scam, Bob is naturally impossible to be fooled. He is very disappointed with the scams of the Indian buddies. So he decided to end the topic, and said to the other person “I am studying computer science, I can solve it by myself”, so angry that the other person could not speak, and hung up the phone. I praised Bob’s anti-fraud awareness. He shook his head humbly and said, mainly because the guy’s Indian accent made him vigilant. After all, the white people didn’t bother to do this. Black people generally can’t do this. . . In fact, Bob’s experience can reflect to a certain extent how rampant phone fraud cases are in the United States. According to a survey conducted by an app called Truecaller, phone fraud in the United States has become more and more serious in recent years. In 2020 alone, 56 million Americans were deceived, with a total loss of US$19.7 billion. What is the concept of 56 million people? They account for about 22% of the entire population of the United States, and these are the ones who have been defrauded of money. According to the survey, 30% of people in the U.S. have been scammed by phone scams, and 17% of them have been “scammed several times” . . . Everyone knows that bad reviewers are professionally trained. They usually don’t laugh when they comment on such serious things, unless they can’t help it. So when I saw this data, everyone was stupid. This American’s heart is too big, right? Is it really a per capita wealth boy? According to a data reported by the “New York Times”, phone fraud from India is the main force. The entire Indian phone scam industry, The annual “output value” is as high as 28 billion U.S. dollars, and about 1.2 million people are engaged in phone fraud. At the end of 2020, the police took down a call center in New Delhi, India. These 50 people alone defrauded more than 14 million U.S. dollars in the United States. On the official website of the U.S. Department of Justice, you can also read about India phoneThere are people in India working on fraud cases as early as 2013, and it has a long history. So the question is, why is it in India? phoneCan fraud develop into such a huge industry? For this matter, the major Western companies are still to be blamed. As we all know, India is a country with a large population, and it is also a populous country with English as one of its official languages. Large companies such as Google and Microsoft have money, but the cost of recruiting people as customer service in their own country is too high, so they set their sights on India, which is not so rich but has a lot of people. Many large companies have set up manual customer service call centers in India, and adopted the method of “training on duty” to correct their accents and grammatical habits. This kind of high-end foreign company outsourcing work is a good way out for many poor Indians. After all, it has a very low threshold. They are all Indians. Who doesn’t speak a few English anymore? As a result, a large number of people have received induction training, and manual customer service has even become a dream job for many people. Picture source: @正解局▼ But training belongs to training. After all, there are only a few positions. Those who have received training but can’t go to work think of the crooked way of phone fraud, and this way of making money is much faster than being a customer service. In addition, India has a large population and fierce competition for employment. Every year, educational institutions train a large number of software engineers, but only 20% of them can find decent jobs. Some of the remaining people provide “technical support” for phone fraud, such as using crawler software to obtain personal information of victims, and so on. In addition to labor and technology, India phoneScams are the same as phone scams in Southeast Asia. They use different scams based on the characteristics of the American population. For example, a refund scam specifically for the elderly tells them that there is a refund available, but there is a problem with the bank transfer system. Then he proposed that he needed to remotely connect and manipulate the elderly’s computer to log in to the online bank account and pretend to transfer money to the elderly. In fact, the displayed amount was changed by modifying the front-end code of the web page. Then told the old man that they accidentally transferred too much money and needed the old man to transfer the money back to carry out a wave of empty glove white wolf. For those old people who don’t understand the code, it’s easy to believe them and get cheated of money. There is a computer technical support scam (Bob has encountered that kind),Use phishing websites to induce others to download Trojan horse programs and steal bank account passwords. Or you may use hackers to hack into the victim’s computer to blackmail, and wait for your pornographic photos to be seen on the entire network without paying. Targeting young people, they will use other scams, such as the threat of drug dealing. Since a large number of young people in the United States have been exposed to drugs such as marijuana, these scammers will pretend to be employees of the US Drug Enforcement Administration and claim to have found his bank account on the side of the drug cartel. At the same time, the victim will be told his real address, making the victim panic ▼ Then tell the victim to wait for someone to come and go to jail, unless you pay the money to get acquitted. Faced with such a serious accusation, these young people naturally couldn’t grasp it, and paid on the spot before thinking about it. Some of these scams are even aimed at immigrants who have just arrived in the United States. Scammers will call these new immigrants to pretend that they are from the tax bureau, saying that they are tax evasion and tax evasion. The penalties for tax evasion in the United States are very serious. The key is that there are many miscellaneous taxes. Many newcomers do not know whether they have missed the payment, so they are deceived by scammers. Recently, due to the epidemic, there were not enough hospital beds and oxygen inhalers in the United States. India also invented a scam to sell oxygen cylinders. The money was paid before the goods. The victims disappeared as soon as the money was transferred, deceiving many people. The entire Twitter is that people are reporting scams related to the epidemic. This is a fire extinguisher changed to an oxygen tank ▼ In fact, these scams have flaws. For example, some scammers even ask victims to pay “fines” through Apple Google App Store gift cards, Bitcoin, etc., which is very problematic at first glance. However, the key to all scams is to fascinate the “authorities.” From the perspective of God, we naturally think that such scams are not good, but there is no way to be sure that we will not be fooled in the position of the victim. For example, a colleague in our editorial department was cheated of 40,000 yuan after a hangover one day. Since India phoneScams are so prevalent in the United States, why don’t the U.S. officials carry out a wave of cleanup? Because transnational law enforcement is quite difficult. The nature of this matter is that the Indians are defrauding people, and the Indian side needs to cooperate in arresting people, the deceived are Americans, and the victims in the United States need to file a lawsuit. When those Indians are caught, the local courts will need evidence to sentence them, such as the transfer records of victims in the United States, and it cannot be a casual victim. It must be a victim of scams by those caught. This directly led to the difficulty of the police on both sides wanting to do things, and the fact that they didn’t pay enough attention to them, all of them were slowing down. Officials did not act, but some civil forces in the United States launched a resistance. One of the most famous is Jim Browning, the owner of the tubing UP. He is a highly skilled hacker who has uploaded a lot of content related to overseas scams he discovered on YouTube since seven years ago. In recent years, due to the increasing number of phone scams in India, he also focused his attention on this. He once hacked into the computer camera of an Indian fraud call center and recorded the entire process of the fraudster’s crimes. According to the IP address of this computer, he also located the location of this studio, which is located in Kolkata, India, and even found the specific building. In addition, he is also very phoneThe scammer conducted a wave of “returning to the other side” and made a video, pretending to be deceived, and allowing the scammer to connect with him remotely. Then show the scammer the real identity photos of the scammer he collected early, such as his working place. Ask the scammer if he knows this computer, and is it familiar or not? ▼ And the tools he usually uses. He also asked some specific information about the photos, such as where he took these photos, and found that the scammer was still lying, saying that he took the photos on the company computer. Jim: You are taking pictures of your laptop screen. Liar: Ah this. . . %^&$, yes, yes. (Frustrated)▼ Jim ruthlessly debunked the fact that he took the photo in his own home and told him that the photo was positioned, which meant that the home address of the scammer had been exposed. The liar immediately panicked, turned off the photo on the spot, and cut off the call. Jim: You are scamming in your own home, and you have been lying just now. Liar: Sir, I don’t have one. . . ▼ I can only say that this video of Jim is really refreshing after watching, and the old Murong has recovered! Jim has a lot of Indian scammers realInformation, even the ID cards of many people are available. He sometimes cooperates with other tubing UP (Such as Scammer Payback), To implement his own justice in a “Robin Hood” way. For example, they pretend to be deceived, make a remote connection with the liar, and then use the goose on the screen to pick up the liar’s ID card bit by bit in front of the liar. Scammer Payback will also broadcast live “fishing” scammers, playing tricks on scammers, and it makes people feel very happy. UP owners who focus on anti-fraud, such as Jim Browning and Scammer Payback, have many fans on YouTube, and each video has at least several million views. People who have seen these videos are naturally lucky, and they have a high probability of avoiding phone fraud. But more people don’t know this, and they are still being fooled by phone scams. With the development of the Internet, more and more gray industries are showing a “regional” distribution characteristic, such as the telephone fraud industry in Southeast Asia and India. Criminals use the convenience of the Internet to commit crimes across borders to avoid risks and cheat on a global scale. Isn’t that the law should also keep pace with the times and introduce a related international regulation to crack down on these related scams? Picture, data source: Youtube, Scammer Payback Youtube, Jim Browning Owner and Operator of India-Based Call Centers Sentenced to Prison for Scamming US Victims out of Millions of Dollars 26 Fake Indian Tech Support Call Centers Raided By Police; Arrests Made Indian police cracked huge telecom fraud and arrested 750 people Every year tens of billions of Americans are defrauded. How do Indians do it? TRUECALLER’S TIPS TO AVOID THE NEW COVID SCAMS IN INDIA TRUECALLER INSIGHTS 2020 US SPAM & SCAM REPORT

Youtube, Scammer Payback

Youtube, Jim Browning

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