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After Jack Ma retires, why not give Alibaba to his son and choose Zhang Yong?


Jack Ma is also very smart.

If handing over to the son can make Alibaba develop better, of course it will be handed over to the son. But if Jack Ma handed over Alibaba to Zhang Yong, so that Alibaba could develop better, then Jack Ma would of course choose Zhang Yong.

When Jack Ma founded Alibaba, he also hoped that Alibaba could live to be 102 years old. In this case, Jack Ma would obviously choose the most suitable person to manage Alibaba. Zhang Yong started with Taobao Mall and then founded Double Eleven. It can be said that he has made great contributions to the development of Alibaba, and has a relatively deep affection for Alibaba. In all aspects, Zhang Yong may be a better successor.

And Jack Ma’s son, of course, is also very good. However, I may have been in school for so many years, may not have enough work experience, and the qualifications and abilities may not necessarily take on the important tasks of Alibaba, a large enterprise at once, and Jack Ma’s son’s ambition may not be to take over Alibaba. , Ma Yun now chose Zhang Yong to take over Alibaba instead of his son.

And there is another point. Now Jack Ma holds about 6% of Alibaba’s equity. Although Jack Ma has a strong voice, if he wants his son to take over, he may also need to come up with an answer that can satisfy shareholders. In other words, if Jack Ma’s son does not have sufficient qualifications and experience, as well as relatively prominent achievements, then the major shareholders may not be very happy.

To sum up, Jack Ma chose Zhang Yong instead of his son to take over Ali. This is also a very smart choice. One is that his son may not have enough seniority and may not have made great achievements, and Zhang Yong has set up for the development of Alibaba. After all the contributions, Zhang Yong is obviously more suitable.