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Another internet celebrity check-in place has been added in Shanghai, and the 11th Songcheng in the country has settled on the banks of the Huangpu River. Have you gone?


Shanghai is not only an international metropolis, it is also very rich in tourist attractions. There are many people who visit Shanghai every holiday. In addition to popular tourist attractions such as the Bund, Tianzifang, and Disney, as everyone knows, Shanghai has now added a must-have check-in place. It is the “Shanghai Song City” that has become an Internet celebrity check-in place as soon as it opens. I believe many small partners have already Been there.

Shanghai Songcheng is located on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. It opened on April 29 before May Day. The location of Shanghai Songcheng is very superior. The magnificent river view and the city landscape are in harmony with each other. The unique charm of Shanghai is the magic city. Here you can see it at a glance. The transportation here is also very convenient. I took Metro Line 1 and transferred to Line 13 from Shanghai Station to Shibo Avenue Station, and then walked about 3 minutes to Shanghai Songcheng. Unlike the Songcheng cities of Hangzhou, Lijiang and Sanya that have been visited in the past, Shanghai Songcheng is located in a 6-storey building. It used to be the factory building of the No. 3 Shanghai Iron and Steel Plant, and later became the stage of Baosteel and World Expo. , Now it has been transformed and upgraded into the grand stage of Shanghai Songcheng Performing Arts Kingdom World Expo. Although Songcheng is concentrated in this 6-storey square building, the content is very rich, and each floor has its own excitement. For example, the Crossing Street and Magic Street on the 1st floor, the Book Bar on the 2nd floor, the Modern Dressing Hall and the Eternal Love Street on the 4th floor, the Tianshang Street Market and The Arabian Nights on the 6th floor, the Fairy Valley on the top terrace, and the Cliff Theater. A place worth checking in. Of course, the performing arts show here is even more exciting, and contains multiple theme shows. I remember that the first time I went to Songcheng, I went to Songcheng, Hangzhou. Both the internal layout and the soul “Songcheng Eternal Love” left a deep impression on me. I can also learn about the city while playing. history and culture. Shanghai Songcheng has also been combined with Shanghai’s profound historical and cultural heritage, both in the old and now, and this is what attracts me. Whether it is Shanghai in the last century or Shanghai today, this international magical city has always been a place to lead the trend. Walking into the dressing hall and wearing a distinctive cheongsam, it feels like a journey. Some people say that the bigger the easier the nostalgia, I think it’s not wrong at all. The past years are exactly what we are looking for now. Tianshang Street Market, in addition to the modern era, I think the most attractive place, but also a place beyond the film. The Arab elements of the Middle East are integrated here. The colorful products and the exotic scenery will give you the illusion of entering the Middle East. The color is visually enjoyable, and it gives people a very strong sense of impact. I believe everyone will scream great love when they see it! Since the opening of Shanghai Songcheng, “Elf Valley” has become a super popular check-in spot. There is an exotic “Hobbit House”. The houses are very exquisite and the details are well handled, attracting countless people to come here. Check in and take photos, just take a shot, it is the kind of beautiful blockbuster with its own ins style. Of course, as the “Shanghai Eternal Love” performance show that must be watched in a lifetime, it is a must-see, and it is the soul of the entire Shanghai Songcheng. “Shanghai Eternal Love” is divided into five acts, namely “Tracing the Origin of Shanghai and Shanghai”, “1921”, “Modern Times”, “Shanghai People”, and “Wind from the Sea”. Each act is performed very wonderfully. In addition to “Shanghai Eternal Love”, if it is a parent-child tour, “WA! “Dinosaurs” is a must-see; if you are a couple, a girlfriend or a family, you must watch “Passionate Samba”. This is a passionate and exciting food show. You can enjoy the delicious food while watching the performance, it feels natural Very pleasant. I don’t know, have you checked in at “Shanghai Songcheng” recently? What are your impressions of the play experience there? If you haven’t been, do you plan to visit Songcheng in Shanghai? Welcome to leave comments.