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At the junction of Sichuan and Gansu, the Yellow River meets Baihe not far away. The scene of the dating scene is too beautiful.


Relive the glorious history and inherit the red gene! When Yufan participated in the Sichuan-Chongqing trip of Internet celebrities in early June, along with Internet giants from all over the country, along the footsteps of the Red Army, walked across the Dadu River, strolled along the Luding Bridge, crossed Jiajin Mountain, and visited the prairie. The smoke of gunpowder has gone, but the story left by the Red Army’s Long March is still enthusiastic. The once harsh snow-capped grassland has now been renewed. The grassland where one Red Army soldier was sacrificed every 300 meters has now become a prairie where “the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low”, in the words of local friends. Say, Ruo Shiruo draws Ruoergai. Zoige belongs to Aba in Sichuan, and is located on the northeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is located in the north of Sichuan Province. It is the northern gate of Sichuan to the northwestern provinces. It is connected to Maqu, Luqu, Zhuoni, and Diebu counties in Gansu. It is bordered by Sichuan’s Hongyuan, Songpan, and Jiuzhai. In 2005, it was rated as China’s most beautiful wetland by National Geographic. It enjoys the reputation of China’s most beautiful alpine wetland grassland and the hometown of black-necked cranes in China. It is known as the plateau of Northwest Sichuan. Known as an oasis and a paradise in the clouds. Zoige has an average elevation of 3,500 meters, and the natural grassland area in the territory accounts for 77.64% of the county’s total area. According to local friends, most of the difficult journey of the Red Army’s long march through the grassland was in the territory of Joergai, leaving behind the famous Brazilian conference site, the site of the Baozuo battle, and the monument to the dawn of the victory of Banyou. At the junction of Ruoergai, Sichuan and Maqu, Gansu, the water of the Yellow River rushed from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, turned a bend on the prairie in Sichuan, and then turned away. Many people did not know that the main course of the Yellow River was still flowing. Passed through Sichuan Province. At the junction of Sichuan and Gansu, the Yellow River and White River also meet here. According to local friends, the Yellow River and the White River meet here not far away for thousands of miles. It is an eternal love story. The reason why the Yellow River flows from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to here , Just to meet Baihe, after the meeting, he turned a corner and left Sichuan, but abducted Baihe in Sichuan. “Thousands of waters converge into large rivers, thousands of turns and hundreds of times to return to the dangerous beach. The turbulent long flow helps the people, and force the first bay of the Yellow River.” The mother river, the Yellow River, originated from the Bayankala Mountain in Qinghai, winding from west to east. Tangke Township, Zoige County, Sichuan, merges with the Baihe River, forming the magnificent Jiuqu Yellow River’s largest turning bay, facing Gansu Province across the river. Now the first bay of the Yellow River in Jiuqu has become a scene of Ruoergai, an important part of Ruoergai National Wetland Park. On the edge of the first bay of the Yellow River, there is a hillside of more than 100 meters, which is an excellent place to watch the first bay of the Yellow River in Jiuqu. There are two ways to go up to the top of the mountain, one is to go up, but the altitude here is high (the top of the mountain is 3660 meters, close to the height of Lhasa), climbing the mountain is prone to hypoxia; Another way is to take the escalator up the mountain. There are 14 independent escalators. It takes 15 minutes to reach the top of the mountain, but there is an additional charge. There is a three-story viewing tower on the top of the mountain. Although the height is not high enough, it is also the best place to watch the first bay of the Jiuqu Yellow River. In the face of such a beautiful scenery, it must be taken by drone aerial photography, but you must pay attention when taking aerial photography. Although there is no express no-fly here, there are many vultures and eagles here. It is said that someone had taken aerial photography here before. I was caught by a vulture and ran away. I don’t know if I got it back, so everyone must pay attention to the aerial photography here. When the waters of the Yellow River come down, this place is about to be talked about. Ascending high and looking into the distance, the vast grassland has used the word “广” to its extreme. When you are in it, you naturally open your mind and your mood is suddenly bright. Especially in summer, the grass on the grassland is very beautiful against the blue sky and white clouds. If you have plenty of time, you can wait for a perfect sunset here, it will be even more beautiful.