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Baidu Tiangong’s AIoT platform comes to Suzhou, and the end-side cloud is fully intelligent to drive IoT application innovation


The deep integration of AI and the Internet of Things has become an inevitable trend in the development of the Internet of Things industry. In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has become increasingly mature. AI has enabled the collection, analysis, and application of a large number of multi-modal IoT data, which has further released the underlying energy of the IoT. The Internet of Things carries artificial intelligence to open up the space for innovative applications in industries such as industry, energy, and cities. How can companies adapt to the development trend and inject AI capabilities into the Internet of Things? Baidu Smart Cloud came with the answer.

On June 24, Baidu Smart Cloud’s “Cloud Wisdom Technology Forum” Intelligent Internet of Things special session will land in Suzhou, centering on “end-side cloud comprehensive intelligence driving Internet of Things application innovation”, showcasing the end-side cloud fully intelligent Tiangong AIoT platform. At that time, many senior technical experts and industry partners from Baidu will gather together to discuss the latest technology trends, advanced product platforms, and industry innovation practices of the intelligent Internet of Things. The following four highlights will take you first to understand the content of this conference.
Highlight one: Tiangong’s AIoT platform, which is fully intelligent on the edge of the cloud, was unveiled at the scene
In order to create an end-to-end smart IoT solution, Baidu Smart Cloud relies on Baidu’s strong AI technology foundation to launch the Tiangong AIoT platform. At the meeting site, Baidu technical experts will interpret the fully intelligent Tiangong AIoT platform on Dianbianyun and explore the prosperous intelligent IoT ecosystem. How does the Tiangong AIoT platform integrate AI capabilities with the Internet of Things? How to drive all kinds of data intelligent applications through the “end-side-cloud” collaborative architecture? These issues will be revealed in this forum.
Highlight 2: Baidu Smart Cloud technology experts interpret the core technology of Tiangong AIoT platform from multiple dimensions
Data is the core resource of the Internet of Things era. How will the fully intelligent Tiangong AIoT platform on the edge of the cloud use more data, smarter data processing methods, and more programming modes to help AIoT capabilities in many application scenarios? Get a full release? When the application of voice semantics in the consumer electronics field is becoming popular, how can the fully intelligent Tiangong AIoT platform on the end-side cloud solve the problem of consumer electronic device interaction for enterprises and lower the access threshold of intelligent voice semantic technology? How does the AIoT visual intelligence application development and deployment plan play a role in industrial quality inspection, smart manufacturing, urban management and other scenarios?
At the conference site, Baidu Smart Cloud technical experts will comprehensively interpret the core capabilities of Tiangong’s AIoT platform’s end-side cloud from the perspective of data, voice, and vision.
Highlight 3: Partners share how to use Tiangong AIoT platform to achieve business value innovation and growth
The fully intelligent Tiangong AIoT platform of Dianbianyun has in-depth innovative applications in typical fields such as industry and energy.
In the energy field, the Tiangong AIoT platform has penetrated the entire industrial chain of energy production, energy supply, and energy use. At the scene, the person in charge from Meixinda will bring a classic case of Meixinda and Baidu Smart Cloud to jointly build a smart printing and dyeing factory, and provide new ideas for enterprises to achieve low-carbon operations.
Industrial Internet is a key infrastructure to promote industrial intelligence. From equipment intelligence, production line intelligence, to enterprise intelligence, how does Baidu Smart Cloud use AI to lead industrial development and realize the intelligence of the entire industry? The Tiangong AIoT platform completes the closed loop of AI value by creating a paradigm for industrial AI value creation.
Highlight 4: Fully open end-to-side cloud intelligent technology, and launch an ecological cooperation plan
Seeing this, you definitely want to know how to use Baidu Smart Cloud AIoT technology to empower your business. Don’t worry, Tiangong’s AIoT platform, which is fully intelligent on the end-side cloud, will open source the end-side cloud collaboration technology to provide support for more enterprises to access the smart Internet of Things. We hope to work with more partners to create a smart Internet of Things ecosystem.
The technological integration of IoT and AI puts forward new requirements for IoT platforms. Baidu Smart Cloud has built Tiangong’s AIoT platform with its “cloud-intelligence integration” technology, driving IoT application innovation with the comprehensive intelligence of the end-side cloud, and assisting the construction of the intelligent IoT ecosystem. To learn more about the forum content, please lock in the Baidu Smart Cloud “Cloud Smart Technology Forum” Smart IoT Special Session held in Suzhou on June 24~