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Baili Rhododendron in Bijie, the only Rhododendron forest park in the world, the girl named Rhododendron enjoys flowers for free


Every spring, Guizhou will become a hot destination.
Because here, there are rape flowers one after another in the whole territory,

Because here, there is the world’s largest contiguous cherry blossom garden,

Because here, there is the only Rhododendron Forest Park in the world.

This season, have you missed the cherry blossoms in Pingba?

Don’t regret it, you still have time to see the Baili Rhododendron in Bijie.

Hot and cold knowledge about cuckoo

Rhododendron is one of the most diverse flowers in the world. There are as many as 900 native Rhododendron varieties, and there are countless varieties of artificial cultivation and hybridization.

Rhododendron also has many aliases, such as Pomegranate, Azalea, Zhaoshanhong, Rhododendron tang, Rhododendron sylvestris… Actually, each may be another name. At the beginning, they only represented a certain kind of rhododendron. For example, azalea refers to red rhododendron, and sheep stalk is yellow rhododendron… Not enough, professional nympho is so clearly distinguished. As an ordinary nympho, just look at flowers and admire flowers. Anyway, the name sounds nice. All the brains are cuckoo.

China is the modern distribution center and country of origin of rhododendrons in the world. There are currently more than 570 species of rhododendrons, more than half of the world’s varieties. However, such a large area of ​​natural wild rhododendron like Bijie Baili rhododendron is really rare.

In China, rhododendron has a long history of cultivation as an ornamental plant, more than a thousand years.

In history, many scholars like cuckoos. But to say that the iron powder of azaleas is Bai Juyi. Since I first met azaleas in Jiangzhou, I fell in love with them all the time. I also transplanted azaleas to my own garden to cultivate them, and even took them all the way. From Jiujiang to Zhongxian and Chang’an, Sichuan.

‘This thing in the flower resembles Xi Shi, hibiscus and peony are all mothers’

‘Looking back, picking Li is colorless, the hibiscus is not a flower’

It can be said that in Bai Juyi’s eyes, rhododendrons are absolutely beautiful among flowers.

Rhododendron is simply a flower in the world. Compared with cuckoo, all peony and peony are mothers, and ugly women are invincible.

What we like today, we have to “manually like”,

The way that Mr. Lotte praised Du Juan was to write poems manually.

In spring, when the flowers bloom, I need to write a poem, “Jiujiang March cuckoo comes, and one branch opens with a urge.”

Poems should be written in the transplanting garden, “The small tree and the bulrush are planted in close proximity, half with red calyxes and flowers.”

Bring it to Chungju to write a poem, “Today’s flowers in Chungju, and last year’s trees on the top of Mount Lu.”

Speaking of cuckoo, although cuckoo is native to China, it has a history of artificial cultivation for more than a thousand years. But in modern gardening, it is the Europeans and Americans who make the cuckoo shine. In Europe and America, there are absolutely no rhododendrons or gardens. It is said that the varieties of azaleas they cultivated and crossed are over 10,000.

I once visited the famous Lacken Garden in Belgium in spring. This royal garden is only open to the public for a few weeks a year. There are more than 800 varieties of rhododendrons. Because the king of Belgium, Leopard II, who built the garden, he loved rhododendrons.

In the small town of Ghent in Belgium, cultivating rhododendrons is like the Dutch tulip, becoming the largest local business. It is said that 80% of the rhododendron trade in the world comes from Belgium.

Self-driving Baili Cuckoo

Baili Rhododendron Scenic Area is located in Bijie, northwestern Guizhou, covering an area of ​​700 square kilometers. There are 125.8 square kilometers of rhododendron forest belt in the garden. All the rhododendrons here are natural wild rhododendrons, accounting for more than 60 species of all 5 subgenus of rhododendron species in the world. It is the largest, most diverse, and best-preserved primitive azalea forest in the world that has been identified so far. It may also be the only azalea forest park in the world.

In fact, Baili Rhododendron is not a simple scenic spot, but a tourist complex. There are more than 40 scenic spots in the area. In addition to the two core scenic spots, Pudi and Jinpo, there are Shexiang Army Camp Mountain Park and Yishan Flower Valley in the surrounding area. , Baili Rhododendron Lake, Midi River Scenic Area, Azalea King Scenic Area, Canmu Scenic Area, etc.

After all, it is Baili Rhododendron, so the scenic area is so large,

I personally feel that the best way to open is to drive by car.

There are scenery everywhere, wild flowers blooming, wherever I want to go.

In this season, driving on the road around Baili Rhododendron is a kind of visual enjoyment. The surrounding mountain roads are full of azaleas in full bloom, which is definitely a realistic version of’Lingshan blooming azaleas’.

How to play in Baili Rhododendron Scenic Area

Although Baili Rhododendron has a lot of scenery, of course everyone comes here in the name of Mu Rhododendron.

The best places to see rhododendrons are the core scenic spots Jinpo and PudiAlthough there are often crowds, the flowers are more turbulent, and the flowers bloom all over the mountains and are colorful. Therefore, these two scenic spots must be visited.

The picture below is from the official website of the scenic spot. You can feel the scale of the entire Baili Rhododendron scenic spot.

It should be the most well-known flower viewing area. The density and variety of flowers are many. Of course, the flow of people is also the most concentrated. Even if it is not on weekends and holidays, there are also a lot of tourists, such as Wanhualou and Soma Flower Bridge. , Almost all overcrowded.

However, the flowers blooming all over the mountains and plains here are too shocking, and it is worth it to endure the rubbing of the crowd.

The following is my itinerary in Jinpo,

Scenic East Gate-Baihuaping-Soma Flower God-Longchang Station-Lansheng Peak-Soma Flower Bridge (Wanhua Tower)-Jinjiqing-Return to the east gate.

Coming down from Wanhualou and crossing the Somahua Bridge, I was almost trapped by the flow of people along the way, and I reached the Golden Pheasant Ching, where there was a sightseeing car back to the gate of the scenic spot.

In theory, you can take a sightseeing bus between each scenic spot, but the actual situation is that in some places, sightseeing buses don’t stop, and in some places, you have to wait a long time for sightseeing buses. Therefore, be prepared for your physical strength, especially on weekends. Be prepared to walk the whole time.

Below is the famous net red bridge, Soma Flower Bridge.

There were too many people to walk, and the staff on both sides kept shouting, asking everyone to get off the bridge quickly.

The latest news is that Soma Huaqiao was overwhelmed due to too many tourists, and its parts were loose.

and so,From March 29, Soma Huaqiao will be closed for maintenance.

About the Flower God:

During the annual flower season, the Yi people’s flower god offerings will be held in Baihuaping under the Soma flower god. If time permits, arrange the travel time exactly when the event is held, that is the real perfect trip.

The Yi people’s flower worship activities express the Yi people’s awe and gratitude for nature through ceremonies such as the “greeting the flower god, offering the flower god, singing the flower god, jumping the flower god, and sending the flower god”. It’s worth seeing.

2. Puti Scenic Area

Compared with the Jinpo Scenic Area, Pudi seems to have relatively less passenger flow. One is because some teams only go to Jinpo, and the other is probably because the Pudi Scenic Area is larger and the flow of people is relatively scattered.

Here is my itinerary in Purdi:

Wucai Road Gate-Wucai Pavilion-Landscape Park-Jinxiu Pavilion-Shuhuafeng-Jinxiu Square-Wucai Road Gate

It seems that there are fewer scenic spots than Jinpo, but in fact, the stay here is even longer than Jinpo. Because there are relatively few people, there is more time to enjoy the flowers, view the scenery, and even spend time in the rhododendron forest. Sitting, or recessing a shape on an unmanned highway, and paying attention to the remaining flowers that fall into the forest, they are actually beautiful.

Wucai Pavilion is the most visited place in the Pudi Scenic Area. You can watch the azaleas around you on the viewing pavilion.

For me, the biggest advantage of Pudi is that there are several relatively high viewing platforms. Without drones and wanting a wider view, there is only one way to climb.

Shuhua Peak is the commanding height of Pudi Scenic Area, where you can enjoy 360-degree flowers without dead ends. Every mountain around is covered by colorful azaleas. It is really beautiful. I can’t wait to become a bird (drone). , Flying in the splendid sea of ​​rhododendrons.

Counting Huafeng, the azalea-shaped viewing pavilion on the top of the mountain is the commanding height of the Pudi Scenic Area.

A tree blooms two-color flowers…

It is said that the most amazing thing is that a tree blooms seven-color flowers.

3 The latest gameplay

Helicopter:It is simply the most dreamy way to play. You can experience the thrill of flying in the azalea forest and see with your own eyes what blooming flowers are.

Smart VR tour:The helicopter is too expensive? Is there a drone? Well, now the scenic spot has a VR immersive flower viewing mode. With VR glasses, you can immediately follow the drone to view the flowers in the air. The price… It looks like 99 yuan for two people, and you can also transfer the video directly to your mobile phone. It is really high-tech.

Baili Rhododendron Related Information

Having said so much before, the following may be what you are most concerned about.

1. Baili Rhododendron ticket information:

Tickets for Baili Azalea this season: 130 yuan, can be used for three days, but each scenic spot can only enter once within three days.

Tickets for Baili Rhododendron cover three scenic spots, Pudi, Jinpo, and Rhododendron King. For other surrounding scenic spots, you need to buy tickets separately.

Tickets must be reserved in advance, and on weekends and holidays, reservations must be made much earlier. After the appointment, you can enter the park by swiping your ID card at the gate of any scenic spot. For ticket reservations, you can directly search the Baili Dujuan official account on WeChat.

In fact, on non-weekends and holidays, you can buy tickets at the Jinpo Scenic Area, but this is entirely by luck, and there is a long queue at the scene.

Exemption information: In addition to the national general exemption rules, there is one item that must be paid attention to.

When Du Juan meets Dujuan: As long as the female compatriots are named Dujuan or Du Juan, they can enter the Baili Dujuan scenic spot for free. Of course, only girls,If the male compatriots are really called Du Juan or Du Juan, they still have to buy tickets to enter the scenic spot.

2. Traffic information

Let’s talk about the big traffic outside the scenic area. You can fly from all over the country to any nearby airport, Guiyang, Bijie, Zunyi…you can.

Then, it is said that the traffic to Baili Rhododendron is much better this year than before.


The transportation can be said to extend in all directions. It is 150 kilometers away from Guiyang Longdongbao Airport, 40 kilometers from Bijie Feixiong Airport, and 100 kilometers from Zunyi Xinzhou Airport. All major airports can be reached directly by high-speed.

However, when I went there some time ago, the road between Puti and Jinpo Scenic Area was under construction, and traffic jams were serious. If it is a holiday, you must be mentally prepared.

There is a parking lot outside the gate of the scenic area, and the parking fee is 10 yuan (20).

Public transit:

In the blooming season of 2021, Bailitong Transportation Company opened a direct train to Baili Rhododendron Haiban line from various high-speed railway stations. Bijie Feixiong Airport, Bijie High-speed Railway Station, Qianxi High-speed Railway Station, Dafang High-speed Railway Station have Baili Rhododendron tourist service consultation points, and you can find the through train station when you leave the station.

Finally, the traffic in and between the scenic spots:

Scenic sightseeing car 35 yuan/person,Tickets are sold separately for each scenic spot, which is convenient for passing through various viewing spots. However, sightseeing vehicles may be suspended for many tourists on weekends and holidays. During the Ching Ming holiday, sightseeing vehicles in the Pudi Scenic Area were suspended for three days.

You can’t walk between scenic spots, you need to leave one scenic spot and then enter another.Commuter between scenic spots is 40 yuan/person.

3. Board and lodging

The scenic area is very large. There are fast food and snacks at the gate of the scenic area. You can quickly solve the lunch, or bring your own dry food for a picnic in the sea of ​​flowers, but whether you can find a place to sit on the ground depends on luck;

There are accommodations in the scenic area, but during the blooming season, the price will also rise, which is said to be close to Wuyuan and Bomi.

4. UAV

With such magnificent flowers blooming across the mountains and plains, of course, the perspective of God must look the most shocking.

Therefore, drones will frequently appear over the scenic spot in batches.

This season of 2021,Flying drones in scenic spots must report in advanceIn the case of holidays, it is necessary to report for a long time in advance, because drones also have quota restrictions. For example, the quota of drones for the Ching Ming Festival has insufficient balance at the end of March.

I hope it will be helpful to the friends who go to see the flowers.

Every flower season, tourists will flock to it, and the peace of mind will be happier.

After all, in addition to the sea of ​​people, Baili Rhododendron has a more beautiful sea of ​​flowers.