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Beat the summer heat, then choose the right air conditioner fan


Never out of ‘hot’, cheap air conditioner fans continue to explode and are searched on sales pages thanks to their advantages of saving electricity, protecting health, cooling down quickly…
Air conditioner fans are becoming a familiar cooling device in Vietnamese families thanks to their outstanding advantages such as fast cooling, 10 times more electricity savings than air conditioners, and at the same time overcoming some of the limitations of air conditioners. electric fans, mist fans, air conditioners… Besides, using an air conditioner fan also helps to protect health and clean the air.

Choose the capacity that is suitable for the room area For those who are looking to buy a cheap air conditioner fan, you should choose a cheap air conditioner fan with a capacity suitable for the room area. Cheap air conditioner fans usually have a capacity of about 100W with a capacity of nearly 10 liters to help maintain rapid cooling with low to high wind modes. With this power level, the machine noise is not too loud (only from 60-70dB), does not affect the daily life of the family. Proven reputable brand Air conditioner fan is a product that is not too strange for many people, but to choose a reputable brand of air conditioner fan, not everyone knows. Many people only focus on buying cheap air conditioner fans, diverse and unique models without paying attention to the product brand. Cheap air conditioner fans of unknown origin, poor quality can quickly fail and even harm the health of users. As a leading brand in the air conditioning fan product group for many years, Sunhouse confidently provides a variety of product models with the most reasonable prices. For those who are intending to buy cheap air conditioner fans, you can refer to SUNHOUSE’s air conditioner fan codes: Sunhouse air conditioner fan SHD7707, SHD7715, SHD7720, SHD7735… Product warranty Cheap air conditioner fans or any other product, there is a risk of damage during use, storage or moving for a long time. This is unavoidable. Therefore, you need to choose to buy an air conditioner fan with a guaranteed warranty. For this product line, usually the warranty period is from 6-12 months depending on the policy of each company. Outstanding cooling capacity – “King of hot rescue” in open space Similar to other traditional cooling devices such as electric fans, misting fans, air conditioners, rechargeable fans, etc., the air conditioner fan also impresses users with its outstanding cooling ability. Sunhouse air conditioner fan allows to reduce the temperature down to 15 degrees Celsius when used while still ensuring health, without worrying about thermal shock when changing the environment. The machine will work best when placed in spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms with open doors and windows, or garden spaces, outdoor cafes. Suitable add-ons Models of air conditioners on the market are often integrated with many utilities such as sterilization, deodorization, remote control, reversing mode, timer, convenient USB port integration, etc. Especially, if you want to just use it. cooling device that can both charge phones, computers … via USB, air conditioner fans are your first choice – Auto reverse wind mode Automatic wind reversal is the advantage of air conditioning fans compared to many types of traditional cooling devices. As a result, the air conditioner fan is able to cool evenly in a large space and is not “projected” directly at people that are harmful to health. You can use air conditioning fans in large outdoor spaces such as cafes, restaurants, swimming pools, etc. – Dust filter to limit bacteria Compared with conventional electric fans, the air conditioner fan has a great advantage of being able to clean the air thanks to 2 layers: the dust filter outside and the cooling pad inside the machine. The mechanism is that the dust filter will trap large dust and the cooling pad when wet will retain smaller dust particles (so you must regularly clean these 2 parts). – Rehydrate and balance moisture The ability to balance the humidity of the air conditioner fan is similar to that of a misting fan. However, many types of air conditioner fans today have overcome the limitation of damaging electronics that misting fans often encounter. You can rest assured to use Sunhouse air conditioning fan, which helps to protect your health, limit dry skin, clean the air, remove unpleasant odors in the room … – Flexible timer Timer is a convenient function that many people are interested in when choosing to buy an air conditioner fan. Thanks to that, you can actively control the operating time of the fan, not having to adjust when the weather becomes colder in the evening. Many types of air-conditioning fans such as Sunhouse SHD7721, SHD7735, SHD7725 air-conditioner fans… also have a timer up to 24 hours, very convenient for users.