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The press is the bridge between the Party, the State and the People


Talking about the important role of the revolutionary press, President Ho Chi Minh affirmed: ‘The press is a tool for propaganda, agitation, organization, leadership…’, ‘The press is a sharp weapon. , quick, mass, timely service…’.

During the process of 96 years of accompanying the nation (June 21, 1925 – June 21, 2021), under the leadership of the Party, the Vietnamese Revolutionary Press has always been the core force, playing an important role in the world. ideological and cultural front, making great contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party, construction and defense of the Fatherland. The press is the most frequent and continuous means of information affecting the public; participating in solving economic – cultural – social issues through current events and issues, selecting event information, thereby influencing public perception according to the ideological orientations that have been established. plan. At the same time, information is the fastest, most popular, actively and honestly reflecting all aspects of social life, domestically and internationally. The press is the People’s forum, regularly interacting with the People, answering new problems posed by life, contributing to strengthening the close relationship with the People, serving the entertainment needs, improving the quality of life. spiritual life of the people. The press is really a sharp and effective weapon in all aspects of political and social life. At the same time, it is undeniable that the great role of the press is to enhance culture and entertainment, to make people understand and draw closer together. People here are not between people in one country, but also between different countries. In order for both sides to learn, study and share spiritual teachers and emotions, and at the same time enrich and absorb the diverse cultures of other ethnic groups to enrich their country; promote and introduce the country, culture and people of Vietnam to friends in five continents so that countries around the world can better understand Vietnam. During his lifetime, President Ho Chi Minh pointed out: “Our press must serve the working people, serve socialism, serve the struggle for national reunification, and for world peace. gender”. Therefore, different types of newspapers such as print press, electronic newspaper, radio and television, in each type need to perform the function of igniting and orienting public opinion properly, motivating all levels and sectors. and the masses to effectively implement patriotic emulation movements. Actively fight against negative expressions and behaviors, violating the law. Thereby preventing the phenomenon of degradation in morality, lifestyle among cadres and party members and the negative in social life that hinders the development of the renovation process and the formation and improvement of a positive lifestyle. in social life. Each journalistic work needs to bring the breath of life, so with their responsibility, the team of journalists becomes an important “bridge” to convey the Party’s guidelines and policies. , the State’s laws come into practice in close proximity to people and ethnic minorities; reflect the good and creative ways of individuals and collectives with advanced examples in productive labor and effective economic models. Actively exploiting, propagating and reflecting the leadership’s direction and administration in socio-economic development, contributing to raising people’s confidence in the leadership of the Party and State. The press in our country has made rapid and strong development steps and has made great strides in appearance, quantity and quality of publications, radio and television programs and journalism technology…. The political quality, cultural quality, orientation and technical – professional quality of the press have been increasingly improved. The number of journalists has increased rapidly, their professional qualifications for journalism have been improved, and they have mastered modern journalism technology. Promoting the achieved tradition, the press needs to promptly reflect developments in all aspects of social life; actively propagate Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thought, the Party’s viewpoints and lines, and the State’s policies and laws; reflect the thoughts and legitimate aspirations of the people of all classes; discovering and promoting new factors, advanced examples and achievements of the renovation work; reflect the enthusiastic contributions of scientists and fellow citizens; participate in supervision, social criticism, promote the people’s right to mastery, strengthen the great national unity bloc; on the front to protect the ideological foundation of the Party. In the current period, in order to constantly promote its role as a bridge between the State Party and the People, our country’s press needs to strengthen two-way information on major policies of the Party and the State in a comprehensive manner. enough. In the process of two-way information, the press should show real demand, not because it focuses too much on orientation, but narrows down the diversity and practicality, especially in cases where, although there are some science and practicality. Timely reflect people’s opinions on social issues quickly and fully, contributing to strengthening people’s belief in good things, creating a spread, and persuading people to have more and more people. The more positive from awareness to action, negative things will have the effect of warning, reminding to deter, self-improvement. Increase the interaction between the press and readers so that the two sides become closer to each other, thereby both orienting the readers’ perception, aesthetics, interests, etc., thereby capturing the needs and aspirations. readers in particular and the public in general on social issues. As the “voice of the people”, the press needs to listen to and acknowledge the people’s opinions, as much as possible, as objectively and honestly as possible. At that time, the reflection of the new press is more convincing and attractive.