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Xuan Yen fishermen catch many valuable seafoods


From the beginning of June until now, the trips of fishermen in Xuan Yen commune (Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh) have returned with a lot of seafood, especially crabs.

Fisherman Le Thanh Danh (51 years old, Yen Hai village) is excited: Starting at 3 am, we sailed to the sea to drop nets. Recently, I caught about 20 kg of crabs of all kinds. With the selling price of 50 – 70 thousand VND / kg of 3-eyed crabs, 180 – 220 thousand VND / kg of green crabs, I earned nearly 2 million VND. In production conditions that are somewhat difficult due to the epidemic, Trinh Van Chuong’s family (Yen Lieu village) still has money to go to the fields thanks to the trips to sea. “These days, Xuan Yen fishermen mainly go to the sea to exploit crabs. Like this trip, I also earned 1.5 million dong after only 4 hours of fishing, “- Mr. Chuong shared. After the boat reaches the shore, family members will work together to remove the crabs from the net. This work requires meticulous, careful because if the crab is broken, it will be depreciated. At this time, crabs are sold at quite high prices, from 70 to 220 thousand VND/kg depending on the type, so people are very excited. In addition to crabs, fishermen also catch a lot of cuttlefish, with an average weight of 2-4 kg/head. With prices ranging from 200 to 220 thousand VND/kg, only cuttlefish have an income of 2 million VND after each trip. These trips also brought back a lot of mantis shrimp for fishermen in Xuan Yen commune. This type of seafood is sold for 100,000 VND/kg, which also contributes to increasing income for people. After removing the net, classifying, seafood will be purchased by small traders on the spot.