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The beach glows in the night like a galaxy, located close to Vietnam, but few people know it


The peaceful, beautiful island is likened to a ‘forgotten paradise’.
When traveling to Cambodia, most people think of Angkor Wat – a mysterious and magnificent World Cultural Heritage, or the bustling capital Phnom Penh, the vibrant coastal city of Sihanoukville.

But few people know that Cambodia also has an extremely beautiful pearl island, dubbed the “Forgotten Paradise”. The place to be mentioned is Koh Rong Island in Sihanoukville, where visitors will not have to spend thousands of dollars to visit a sea paradise like the Maldives, but can still watch the shimmering of the blue sea and golden sunshine. (Photo: Phuotvivu) Located about 20 km from Sihanoukville city, Koh Rong is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It takes about 2 hours from the mainland to the island. Seen from afar, the jade-green sea with white sand stretches along with the extremely romantic sky. Adding to the beauty of the island is the dark green color of the tropical rainforest, creating a fresh, free space with heaven and earth. In contrast to the vibrant Sihanoukville, Koh Rong is really a wild and quiet paradise that makes visitors from far away fall in love as soon as they arrive. (Photo: Visitkohrong) (Photo: Divui) The primeval forests and animals on the island are planned by experts from France and Russia for tourism. You can easily book a snorkeling tour to explore the beautiful coral reefs or rent a boat from local fishermen to experience the near-shore fishing trip, the feeling of floating on the sea. But the most special thing that this island possesses is a rare natural phenomenon called the phosphorescent sea. Most visitors come to Koh Rong just to get this unique experience. (Photo: Go Cambodia) These phosphorescent spots are caused by glowing plankton that emit pale cyanide when under pressure, creating one of the most magical glowing spectacles on the planet with its sparkling beaches. This species grows very quickly as the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus released by humans into the sea increases. Many people liken these plankton to sea fireflies. If fireflies crept in the forests creating a dreamlike scene like being lost in a wonderland, these plankton also sparkle in the middle of the sea like a galaxy under the water. (Photo: Visitkohrong) (Photo: Colourbox/P.Grebekin) To admire this sight, you just need to go to the darkest side of the beach during the night and jump into the water. Since the plankton starts to light up when you hit the water, use your hands and feet to whirl the water. The longer you do that, the more the plankton in the water will sparkle. Your every move, every move is a different galaxy with many shapes drawn by you. They are not fixed but constantly change according to the body. It feels like whether in the sky or in the water is a magical sparkling starry sky that makes anyone excited and ecstatic.