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Big boss weather vane | NetEase Ding Lei said the future of finance and accounting will decline; Jia Yueting said FF is like my child


NetEase CEO Ding Lei On June 20th, Netease CEO Ding Lei said in a live chat about college entrance examination volunteers that he is optimistic about biomedicine and materials science in the future. According to his personal prediction, some majors, such as accounting and finance, will decline. These are some reasons for the development of artificial intelligence and will learn later. Finance can only be migrant workers on Wall Street. #User comments: Isn’t it good to raise pigs? Accounting and finance students provoke you # FF founder Jia Yueting On June 20th, Jia Yueting posted on Weibo, “FF is like my child, and I will always be proud of it! FF partners and I will continue to invest our full strength and lead the automotive industry to the direction of Internet smart electric change. I wish you all fathers. Happy Easter!” But some netizens are not optimistic about this. Some netizens said in the comment area that “this child has been pregnant for long enough”, “I will return to China next week,” “PPT is doing great”, “The ones that are later than you are mass-produced”. #Netizen comment: FF is your child, is LeEco not your child? LeTV’s eldest son is left in the country and the younger one is raised abroad. A bowl of water is not flat# Baidu Chairman Robin Li On June 21, after Baidu and BAIC’s Jihu Automobile released the new car Apollo Moon, Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong left a message under Baidu’s official video account that the Apollo Moon unmanned shared car must be cheaper than a taxi. At present, Baidu’s Apollo system has currently tested 500 vehicles. By 2023, Apollo will expand to 3,000 unmanned vehicles in 30 cities across the country, serve 3 million users, and achieve recyclable commercialization in the region. In the near future, Baidu Apollo will launch shared unmanned vehicles in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other cities. #User Comments: The cost of travel will drop a lot in the future# NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun On June 21, according to foreign media reports, Nvidia’s $40 billion acquisition of Arm has attracted much attention since it was announced on September 13 last year. Earlier, foreign media also stated in reports that many Silicon Valley technology giants, He opposes Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm, Arm’s co-founder Herman Hauser also opposes Nvidia’s acquisition. Huang Renxun said that they do not have to acquire Arm. Nvidia has done a good job and has a grand development strategy. They want to acquire Nvidia because this acquisition will expand the scope of Nvidia’s ecosystem and help Arm enter new markets. . #User comments: NVIDIA’s ecosystem will expand# Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Electric On June 20, Gree Electric announced the first phase of its employee stock ownership plan (draft). The total number of employees who intend to participate in this employee stock ownership plan does not exceed 12,000. The capital scale of the employee stock ownership plan does not exceed 3 billion yuan. The employee stock ownership plan intends to purchase the company’s repurchased shares at 27.68 yuan per share. The purchase price is equal to 50% of the company’s recent share repurchase average price, which is 51% discounted to the closing price of the stock on Friday. Wait. #User comments: But Gree plummeted today# Apple CEO Tim Cook Recently, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple has set a goal that in the future, iPhone production will no longer consume the earth’s resources and will use recycled materials. Although it is still impossible, 40% of the aluminum in Mac computers and 98% of the rare earths in iPhone 12 are recycled. #User Comments: Still iPhone “13 Fragrance” #